Am I Drinking Because of the Price or the Election?

We saw this sign in the window of a local wine store offering a 10 percent discount on selected brands until 9 p.m. on election night. The owner had noticed that people tend to buy wine on Election Day — either to celebrate or to nurse their wounded egos if their candidate loses. Election parties […]

Am I Drinking Because of the Price or the Ambiance?

My wife and I drink wine with almost every dinner at home. We prefer Australian wines, because we have found European wines — especially Italian and French — to be high-priced in Texas. We even drink an occasional good Texas wine (yes, there are some). The high prices in Texas have meant that we go […]

Reports of Sail Freight’s Demise Have Been Mildly Exaggerated

Photo taken from Kathleen and May Levitt recently sang the praises of cheap wine. But how can wine stay cheap when oil prices keep pushing up the cost of transportation? Sailing ships might be the answer. Last Friday, a 108-year-old British sailing ship delivered 30,000 bottles of French wine to Dublin. It was the first […]

Keep the Cheap Wine Flowing

I blogged last week about blind wine tastings — my own casual experiments as well as some more serious academic ones. The bottom line is that in blind wine tastings, there is a zero or even slightly negative correlation between the ratings of regular people and the price of the wine they are drinking; for […]

Cheap Wine

I spent three years at Harvard in the Society of Fellows. I had no obligations there except to spend my Monday nights eating fancy meals in the company of some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers: Nobel Prize-winning scientist Amartya Sen, philosopher Robert Nozick, etc. Dinner was always accompanied by expensive wine from the society’s […]

The Perils of Fame

Apparently, it is dangerous even to be the wife of a semi-famous economist-author. In this blog post about the difference between corked wine and screw-top wine, Levitt’s wife, Jeannette, is revealed to be not only a drinker but a cork snob: We recently had a friend over (her husband, Steve Levitt, co-wrote Freakonomics) and I […]