Yourhighness Morgan

Thanks to the section of Freakonomics that dealt with unusual first names, we regularly get e-mails from readers telling us about a particularly good example. (Maybe we should make such submissions a regular feature of this blog?) Anyway, I don’t think there’s been a better submission that the one that came this morning, courtesy of David Tinker of Pittsburgh. He sent us this article from the Orlando Sentinel about Yourhighness Morgan, a 16-year-old student-athlete in Bushnell, Fla.

According to the article, Yourhighness has a younger brother named Handsome, and cousins named Prince and Gorgeous. (FWIW, I grew up as a farm kid and we had a pig named Handsome.) Yourhighness often goes by YH for short, and also sometimes Hiney — which, to the friends and family who call him this, apparently doesn’t mean “tush” or “derriere,” but which certainly did in my household.

I like Yourhighness so much that I think I will try to get my kids to call me that for a while.

In other strange-name news, there’s this sad San Diego Tribune article (sent to us by one James Werner of Charlottesville, Va.) about a gang murder. The victim’s name was Dom Perignon Champagne; his mother’s name is Perfect Engelberger.


Another great name family is the Harris family from Staten Island. Immaculate Perfection Harris is an excellent track and field performer and played football for Georgia Tech (his brother is named Supreme Justice). For more info, follow these two links:



No Captain Morgan yet? How about Guten Morgan?


Let us not forget the son of Jermain Jackson, Jermajesty Jackson (


Actually, Yourhighness is pretty tame.

Also, at my former job as a Product Manager for a web based student loan product, we had a school ask if the last name field was required. It was.

This was a problem for them, as they had a student who was named Chad. Just... Chad.

I waited for the punchline. They assured me they were serious, and, oh, by the way, Chad's father only has one name as well.

His name is Butterbean.

I am not making this up.


cthompson, you left me hanging on the chad story.

How did it come out?

Found on the Ground

I went to college with students named:

-Sir William & Lord Robert(brothers- they are not aristocracy, those are just their names)

Found on the Ground

Sorry about the cross-outs in previous post. I don't know why it did that!


Although the names are pretty common, only a parent with a streak of unusual cruelty could have come up with this:

Boris Morris.

I chuckle every time I remember.


We had a "Crystal Ball" in my high school: Cambridge, MN, late 1970s.

Had I been born female, apparently I would have been named "Love Larson".


A kid in my summer camp one year had the initals B.R.A.

His counselors were two guys from somewhere in Scandanavia - family names of Smakt (pronounced Smacked)and Burndt - no lie.


I realize I am commenting on a post that is a year old but your site was first in the results when I searched for Yourhighness Morgan.

There two brothers with strange names that played college basketball a few years back. Their names were Scientific Mapp (Florida A&M) and Majestic Mapp (Virginia).


Do you get paid for this?

George Thornell

I was at a high school football game in St. Paul, MN and the quarterbacks name was Foley Schmidt.


I worked with two woman for Vietnam their given names were Mi(y) Quack and Mi(y) Chouch.
no lie!


Growing up in Ferriday, La., I went to school with Cookie Crum. Tinker Bell also lived there. Later the Glass family had two girls, Crystal and Amber. Ferriday was also the home of Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, Jimmy Swaggart, and Howard K. Smith; they did not have amusing names, but are/were famous people from our small town.


There was a furniture store in Kane, PA... Zass Furniture. It was fun to answer to the question, 'Hey, where ya going?' Answer, 'Up Mike Zass...'


Let's not forget Cheech and Chong's Tyrone Shoelaces!


Student enrolled in school in Memphis has name of Alfredo Sauce (last name omitted), Jr. Of course, father has same name. Also brother Juan Cow and Moo Cow... no lie. Girl whose name is pronounced Ab-See-Dee but spelled Abcde. No one could make this stuff up!

Sally O'Brien

I went to grade school with twins, Alpha and Omega Moore, went to college with Peter Potter, and when a professor was calling roll the first day of classes he called out" Mr. Death, uhhhn Dee-ath," etc.)The weird thing is that the chair was empty the whole semester - so we never met Mr. Death.


It's Laura again..I just had some to add from the Memphis roll. We have a couple of obnoxious local d-jays that used to maintain a website dedicated to Memphis' bad baby names. I thought I would just include a few for your enjoyment, some of the last names withheld:
Devokio Golden, Indy Iroc Nascar, Wilnikki Brontarious, Contrasepcion (or lack thereof) Hamilton, Treasury Dumentia, Moocow Brown (verified previously as a Memphis name above by Eliza, Robtavious Keithen, Indiana Jones, and last but not least from Memphis, a grandmother named Queenlordyjesus.