This Is What Happens to People Who Listen to Too Much AC/DC…

They grow up to write economics papers like this one, which looks at whether participants in lab experiments get closer to efficient outcomes when exposed to one lead singer of the rock band AC/DC versus another.

I hope for this guy’s sake he has tenure.

(Hat tip to Joshua Gans.)


Rob Oxoby,

You are a genious.


Rita: Lovely Meter Maid

I don't know about this paper, but I've started to wonder: is it wrong of me to have Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" blasting from my car as I am about to withdraw yet another fee from the ATM? Gosh, I don't know. But, hey. I try to bring a bit of musical fun to all of my daily chores and tasks and I'd advise this practice to *anyone*.


Almost as silly as sumo wrestlers! But I imagine the author isn't nearly as high on himself.


So, you really should take the time to understand a paper before you go and criticize in, on the New York Times. Personally, I find that you should be the one who has been tenured.


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Has anyone else noticed that all the really negative posts are now gone, as is the link to my blog. Bad pool, gentlemen. I wish I'd saved the earlier page. I might be getting my terms wrong, but I believe this is known as selection bias.


oops...disregard...the posts are on the other page. My bad.

Zeaxanthin J. Carotene

Looks like you were pwned.


My my, how embarrassing, the Emperor has no clothes...


Very good joke!

It's a shame the author, Robert Oxoby, revealed the obvious on this blog so quickly.

The self-righteous braying of disapproval provides the greatest entertainment - and insight. Who knows how far the humorless would have carried things!

Rock on Canucks

Bwah ha ha! What's more silly -- those who blindly criticize or those who work for a living doing research but can't see the fake papers for the trees.

Rock on!


If tenure was abolish them professors who astray away from research may found themselves in trouble. Do you remember the Harvard case where the professor got offended when the president pointed to him that making a rap CD was not exactly what research is about? Now what the folks at Chicago think about writing blogs? I guess someone else here may found himself in trouble if it were not by the tenure system... At least to his credit, one can say that Steven Levitt is not driven by preservation instincts.


The claimed efficiency effects of abolishing tenure ignore the likely effect on academic salaries. The net effect on "unit labor costs" in academia is ambiguous at best. Tenure is clearly a valuable thing -- part of an academic's compensation package if you will -- so if it were ever abolished academic salaries would certainly have to increase to keep the same level of talent in the academy. In some cases, economics and finance for example, the rises would be huge! A moment's thought about the resultant increases in tuition costs takes the luster off the idea rather quickly.

Carl Simon

I got taken in by this paper too! Dad-gum it!!


It's my understanding that the professor is a fan of AC/DC and the "study" was done as a joke! It has drawn widespread publicity.

Michael Bridges

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How many people think ils vont sucks. My hand is in the air.


I'm with Bob, "ils vont" sucks!
Rock'n'roll ain't noise pollution!! :p


Sorry, Bon was the better singer. I don't give a rat's ass what this silly study says.

Gregg Orange

AC/DC ran out of material and ideas in the mid-Eighties. They have been doing the same album ever since and have become so formulaic, predictable and dull in their approach that they bore me to tears. Time for them to retire and form other bands. I would like to hear Angus and Malcolm form a punk rock group or something. I just can't listen to them anymore. Their latest album "Black Ice" is just more of the same. I couldn't even sit through the whole thing without ejecting it from my CD player and putting on something else.

Lucid Transition

AC/DC is, was, and always will be one of the worst bands of all time. The composition of a band like this is:
1: A drummer who only took 1 lesson
2: A singer who ate some fiberglass
3: A bass player who isn't even noticed
4: A semi-mediocre lead guitar player who smokes clorox soaked cigarettes and goes into repetitive convulsions on stage.

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