Forget Ferraris, Lock Up Your Bulldozer

In Moscow, you might be more likely to find a LoJack system on a dump truck than a Porsche.

Russia’s domestic supply of construction equipment can’t meet the demand created by Moscow’s construction boom, Reuters reports — so thieves are lifting asphalt-pavers, cranes, and other heavy machinery from construction sites.

Maybe someone can propose a construction charity at the next Moscow Millionaire Fair — a worthy cause for any Russian who aspires to live in the world’s biggest building.

(HT: Imad Qureshi)


maybe they'll stop using the same key for every piece of equipment.


Just to note that construction equipment is frequently stolen here but that we have a lot of supply and insurance. It's a major issue for smaller and medium sized contractors but more and more equipment is leased for a job, for a day or few days, so the risk is spread.

Alan Kellogg

Why is it the grandiose projects come out when the issuer is about to fail spectacularly? The Beatles with Abbey Road and the Moody Blues with Seventh Soujourn for example. Now Russia with the world's biggest building. This in a country losing people like it was going out of style.


This practice is not as uncommon as you may think, Northern Alberta (My place of residence) has experienced such thefts in great numbers in the last few years, due to the construction boom following the oil boom. I've never heard of anyone stealing cranes, but I have heard reports of front end loaders, graders, and even full nitrogen pump trucks being stolen. For reference, a nitrogen pump truck is on the same scale as an 18 wheeler, but worth significantly more.