This Week in Aptonyms

In keeping with our aptonym tradition, a bunch of helpful readers have sent in good examples of people whose last names go well with their professions. To wit:

From a reader named James:

Apparently, the city of Boston has a tree inspector named Leif Fixen. (Also, the photo credit on that story goes to a guy named Kamerman.)

From our friend Rafe Furst comes this example:

Reading this article, I did a double take when I got here: “But slick PR and lobbying aren’t as important to the horse racing industry’s success on Capitol Hill as its longstanding ties with politicians from horse racing and agricultural states, said Keith Furlong, deputy director of the Interactive Gaming Council …”

Here’s what a reader named Andrew Henderson sent in:

Who better to speak for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety? None other than Russ Radar.

Here’s one from a reader named Karthik:

I found this name to be so perfect that I had to send it: ” …said Mark Shuttleworth, who leads distribution of the Ubuntu operating system (OS). … He is also well-known for being the second-ever, self-funded space tourist, traveling to the International Space Station aboard the Soyuz spacecraft in 2002.”

Sitar Teli of London sent this aptonym:

The relevant paragraph is the 5th one down: “Cost per employee? San Jose-based caterer Abe Caterman (really!) guesses it would cost Google about $15 per day, per employee, for breakfast and lunch. But Prentiss Hall, a helpful exec at Aramark Business Dining Services, thinks Google could be spending closer to $30 a day, based on the quality and level of service the company provides.”

And last but, during this exciting election season, very much not least, comes a contribution from a reader named Eric:

I found this amusing, thought you might. Premier Election Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Diebold and provides electronic voting solutions. Their spokesperson/media contact? Chris Riggall.

Thanks to James, Rafe, Karthik, Andrew, Sitar, and Eric for their sharp eyes. Keep them coming.


How about a former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher named Grant Balfour? He was quickly traded after he came into a game and couldn't throw a strike.


i had a history teacher in high school named miss america


At Secondary School (in the UK) I was taught Food Technology (also known as cooking...) by Mrs. Eatwell and Mrs Growgut!


Will Wynn ran for mayor of Austin and did win!


If only Prentiss Hall had been involved in textbook publishing!!


There's a urologist in St. Louis, Missouri named Dr. Richard Still. And, when I was shopping at Marshall's recently, they paged an employee named Chiffon to assist a customer at the fitting room.


Steve Wynn, american casino resort developer.


There are a couple of fitting names I have heard. There is a urologist in Austin, TX named Dick Chopp.

My dentist growing up was named Dr. Payne.

Peg Schultz

I always liked Dr. Tiffany Wolf at the Minnesota Zoo. She's been there for years.


Who better to represent the US Congress than Dick Armey?

Mr T

My chiropractor in Melbourne Australia is Ari Diskin


New York University Economics Professor Nicholas Economides began our semester of Microeconomics by stating "No, I did not change my name!"


My second child was delivered by Dr. Hurt and my friend's cardiologist in NC is Dr. Hartman.

Mike M

M. Jane Burns--Senior Director American Burn Association.


When I lived in Sacramento, Ca. my pharmacist's name was Gregory Germ. I still have his business card

Former IIHS employee

Russ Radar's last name is actually Rader. Still apt, though.


And for more dentists, mine growing up was Dr Payne.


There is a veterinarian in Easley, South Carolina named Dr. Fur.


I went to middle school with a kid named Rusty Gear. I haven't kept in contact, but based on what I saw in school it is very possible that he is now a mechanic.

John Co

My colleague, Dr. Drew Tuckman in New Jersey is.....right!!! a cosmetic surgeon.