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I’m guessing Doc Rivers doesn’t read this blog, especially when we ponder why he isn’t using a bench player as good as Leon Powe, but I’m also guessing that Rivers is pretty happy he changed things up last night.

Here’s Powe’s line for the evening:

Playing time: 14:39
FG made: 6-7
FT made: 9-13
Reb: 2
Fouls: 4
Points: 21
+/-: +6

ABC also ran a halftime feature about Powe’s remarkable personal background. There are at least a few million people who are aware of Powe today who weren’t aware of him yesterday, and except for the portion of them who are Lakers fans, I think that’s a pretty good thing.


I am a Celtics fan who has followed, and likes, Powe. I do think that he should have played more than he did against Detroit, but #3 Joel is right. While a solid post player, Powe is only 6'8" and matches up much better with the Lakers' second unit than the Pistons'. C's in 6!


I remember when Powe had a huge game this season but didn't repeat the effort. Let's see what he does tomorrow.

One thing I learned last season in Fantasy Basketball Leagues is that consistency is difficult. If Powe makes more than 6 points I will be shocked. Jackson will not stand before another set of press and explain how Powe worked them.


Your earlier comments on Leon Powe are seemingly prophetic.

You wrote :For the record, when I was on The Takeaway on May 14, I was asked to predict the outcome of the N.B.A. championship. I said it'd be the Celtics against the Lakers in the finals, with the Lakers winning. (Sorry, Mike and Danny.) I'm still feeling good about that prediction - although maybe, if the Celtics would un-bury Leon Powe from the bench, I might get proven wrong.


Leon Powe had a fantastic matchup against Walton, Turiaf, and the Lakers' slow, undersized frontcourt. He took full advantage. Its worth mentioning again that those opportunities weren't there when the Celtics were facing the much tougher (in terms of interior defense) Pistons and Cavaliers.


It's cool that you guys follow sports too.

Morgan B

I am Lakers fan and I definitely know who is Leon Powe is now.

He looks like a good player and even better human being.

We will get them tomorrow.

GO LA...