I love these posts simply for the comments they get. Kudos for Freakonomics for continuing the First Amendment (however trivial). Maybe each one of these posts should be prefaced with "whenever you get your own blog you can post (or not post) whatever you want" or "if we're not offending someone we're not doing our jobs".

Christos L


how does this in any way relate to economics?! (ahem, FREAKonomics)

regardless of my personal views on these indexed posts, i've still not seen a single decent argument as to why they are relevant on this blog.

sorry jessica.


Actually, unions have been on the decline since the 70s. There is less membership per capita of the workforce today than then. Maybe that's why you don't mind equating the Black Death with people who organized to increase the living standards of millions of Americans and address corporate interests through collective bargaining. Because gains made by unions made their way into the hands of non union members for decades.

/sarcasm Oh yeah, a real winner here /end sarcasm.


A reliable filter would be to not open them.

Personally, I love this one. It's my favorite of the indexed posts.


since when are scabs a sign of the black death??

the classic symptom is buboes-swellings of the lymph nodes

this seems like an overreach on the part of jessica's snarky schtick

please convince me otherwise




Oh this one is fantastic...right down to the title.


scabs and rats should have more overlap


I remember you were asking a while ago what makes some people reply to blog posts? Well, this is the first time in my life I have ever replied to a blog post and I'll just say that if I could find a way of filtering these pointless 'Indexed' things out of your RSS feed I'd be a happier man.

Of course if you want to pay me to draw some circles and scribble words in them I'd be glad to oblige :-)


Okay, I have to confess these posts are actually kind of interesting so apologies Jessica for any offence, keep the thoughts and indexes coming.

Did you index something about people being grumpy and posting blog comments early in the morning?