Indexed: A Geography Lesson

Jessica is moving from Columbus, Ohio, to Seattle in the next few weeks. This “Indexed” series addresses her move. Jessica’s past posts can be found here, her own blog here, and her book here.

“There Are Condoms in the Vending Machine, So I’m Wearing Flip Flops in the Shower”


“Calculating, Calculating”


“Rural Astronomy”



From the third graph, am I to assume that there are an infinite number of people under my bed, and an infinite number of cows in space?


Columbus' loss will be Seattle's gain. Let me welcome you to the land of the web toed humans.


the fear goes down as the price goes up (cost is x axis)

Joe P.


Er...I think it just means that, the cheaper your hotel room, the more afraid you are to find out what's really been done in that room. Ignorance is bliss, after all.


Haha! But not to nitpick -- wouldn't price of hotel room go UP with increased fear blacklights?


Or perhaps I'm thinking about this all wrong. Maybe you mean those with a high fear of blacklights would be less likely to carry a blacklight WITH THEM that might reveal the unsavory details of previous occupants, therefore suggesting customers without fear-of-blacklight (and then, obviously, would carry a blacklight at all times) would be driven to hotels with better cleaning services upon their startling discoveries?


Gotta agree with the third one. In a little town in Inner Mongolia I saw many more cows than people, and I've never seen so many stars in my life. I thought you could only see the sky like that in satellite photos.

Jeff Ando

Nice Cheek Bones :) Oh Great story too :)


Your graphics make me remember my draws. Her i leave you my blog so you can see we talk about the same but in a different way:

I hope you enjoy if you have the time Jessica.


David McGinnis

nice succinct post. I like your style.

Joe, you're thinking of "fear of the things the blacklight shows" not how afraid you are to use a blacklight.

i.e. the less you care about the results of a bad blacklight test, the cheaper the room you would be satisfied with.

So yes, the "threshhold" would be an inverse graph from what is shown.