Scenes From a Fair

Having blogged about the hidden treasures being offered at New York State fairs this summer, I brought the family to the very fine Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck. Below are a few (iPhone) snapshots.

First, a tattooed man, on view for all, for free. The word at the base of his neck is “Freedom” — as in:

Freedom’s just another word for

No space to tattoo …


There are always a lot of farm animals on display at this fair — we got to see a Brown Swiss calf that had been born just an hour earlier — and the folks working the barns ran around scooping up all the animal dung as if it were very valuable, planning to use it later in the ways they know best.

But that wasn’t the only form of recycled waste we saw:


I have nothing to say about the following picture except: “Pig race!”


Far be it from me to correct other people’s typos — I tried once, remember? — but it struck me that the gentleman below is responsible for perhaps 6 percent of all the misplaced apostrophes in the world. The Johnson’s what?


And finally, the following picture doesn’t come from the fair and is apropos of nothing — except for the fact that I love a good cobweb, and marvel at the geometry performed by our eight-legged brethren. This same sentiment was well-expressed by a certain Andrew, an entrant in our recent haiku contest:

Did those who nicknamed

“Cobweb models” know naught of

The spider’s beauty?


Happy end of summer to all.


#17, the Gooch, that is not the state fair, it is a county fair.


I think the gentleman sign maker is creating a sign for Mr. DiNapoli's booth. "NYS UNCLAIMED FUND'S"


Brian #11 - There are at least 5 possible misplaced apostrophes. The Jonson's; The Turno's; The Edward's; The Wood's; and the Greedon's. I'm thinking you were no champ at 'Where's Waldo?'.

Also, are those common local names up there? Never met anyone named Greedon and are there that many Woods to warrant a display sign?


when i was learning english at school, i clearly remember that *johnson's* was the abbreviation for "the johnson's home".

it was also on the book, and if i remember correctly, it was the well known "english grammar in use" by Murphy(!)

so, maybe, the author of this post did again the same Muphrys (or whatever the name was) error!


English Clergyman

I love the cobweb photo. I always have such difficulty capturing them on camera. I'm glad I'm not the only appreciator.


I see one sign with a misplaced apostrophe (the aforementioned "Johnson's"). Going a bit overboard on the unnecessary criticism for a single mistake, eh?


Assuming the sign is intended to grace a house, "The Johnson's" is perfect grammar. It is short for "The Johnson's Home" or "The Johnson's House", as several previous commenters have pointed out. It would only make sense as "The Johnsons" (no apostrophe) if Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were jointly wearing the sign.

The other apostrophes mentioned are all using ths same (correct) convention.


Maybe The Johnson is just very possessive of his signs and requires that they all be branded to clarify ownership.

the Gooch

This fair appears to be the Des Moines of state fairs; whereas the Iowa State Fair is the New York City of state fairs.

Another Mike

"The Johnson's home" --Mike

The home of the Johnson?


Though it may be used as fertilizer, the barn folks are scooping up the dung to keep their prize animals clean. It turns out that many animals, even the prize ones, are not too interested in their presentability at the fair.



Then it would be The Johnsons' Home.


What do you mean, a spider web photo isn't apropos of a post about the fair? You obviously didn't take your kids to see Charlotte's Web.


The Johnson's Home.


At least it doesn't say "We Make Custom Sign's"


The Johnson's fish, of course.

Next - go to the Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest.

See if you can resist buying a catapult for marshmallows. I couldn't.


I thought spiders didn't make cobwebs... I thought they were a product of dust or something.


I love the state fair! I blogged about my recent experience at the Ohio State Fair. Tough to beat a state fair for people watching.


Am Ronald from Uganda, its a great work you have done.