JungleSmash Has a Winner … and a New Contest

James Altucher over at JungleSmash has awarded his first $2,000 in the Great Ad Agency Disintermediation Experiment.

The first product for which he solicited homemade ads was Crest toothpaste; here are the winners.

Now he’s got a new contest up, for Monster energy drinks.

If a Freakonomics reader happens to win the booty, I certainly hope he/she will spread the wealth around. I’m guessing that Joe the Plumber‘s new government watchdog group could use some funds …

Kevin Ryan

Way too long. Who was it, Jefferson, or Franklin, who apologized for writing a 4-page letter because they didn't have enough time to edit it down to 1 page?


Yes, yes, very nice, but what did Don Draper think?


If those were the winners, I'd say that this experiment has proved that advertising should be left to the experts.


do this!


No. 1 was, well, amaturish. No. 2 was incomprehensible.