Before the Book, the Pants


We are hard at work on SuperFreakonomics, which will be published as soon as it finishes simmering in our computers. This may well occur before the end of the year. In the meantime, how about some pants?

A company named Bonobos makes what it calls “awesome fitting trousers.” New York magazine agrees, as does The Times; their pants have even inspired a fan video.

A while back, Brian Spaly of Bonobos wrote and asked if they could name a pair of trousers after us. Not the Dubner-Levitt trousers or the Stephen-Steven slacks, exactly but … well, see for yourself. That’s right, the Superfreakonomics pants: “Sensational rich brown wool with very slight bootcut and swirled silk lining. Price: $190.” Classy! Brian has promised to let us give away a few pairs as future schwag.

I have a feeling this is the first time in history that a book will be in stores after its namesake trousers.


I saw a php error. All this free publicity and they may not even be able to capitalize on it. A shame.


Bonobos site is down. It's been Freakonized!

Oh,yes, and I want that shwag! :)

Leland Witter

When I get my pair, I'm going to name the right leg Dubner and the left leg Levitt.

SJD reply: Just so you know, Levitt will not like being on the left.


Bonobos' ninja tech team is on the case! We'll have it back up ASAP, folks.


They would look good with Prof. Hamermesh's new suit


Let me be the first book critic to exclaim:

Superfreakonomics is pants!

bonobos guys

sorry about the site being down earlier--we're back and ready to dance!


Have either of you actually worn a pair of Bonobos?


bonobos youtube video on the evolution of the modern pant...

Jackson Gates

Awesome. I own a few pairs. Need to get the Super Freakonomics pants now and then the new book.


I wonder if Levitt is going to try some experiments with the description of this pants!


Normally the pants come out a good 6 months after the book. I still have my The Pelican Brief pants!

Kevin F

Will there be a chapter in the new book about the correlation between wearing awesome fitting trousers and success? although they say "correlation doesn't imply causation," but sweet sassy molassey, i look good. Nest step... world domination.