None of the Recent Posts on This Blog Were April Fools' Jokes …

But this one is. At least I hope so. Otherwise I just lost myself a co-author. Excerpt:

Continuing to make bold moves in the first 100 days of his administration, Obama will announce this week two blockbuster appointments to senior positions at the Department of Treasury. Sure to raise eyebrows will be the appointment of University of Chicago economist Steve Levitt to Tim Geithner‘s team. …

Colleagues at the University of Chicago economics department are cheering the move. “I could not think of a better choice than Steve Levitt to move to Washington and help the Obama team,” says Nobel Laureate James Heckman, adding that he expects the job to occupy Levitt for two full Obama administration terms. “We will miss him, but he has an important job to do.”

This is funny for reasons that go beyond the obvious.

The other supposed addition to the Obama administration is Greg Mankiw.

Scott Supak

Why are the best ideas always jokes?


So if this is true. Will he still be able to join you on the next book tour?


"This is funny for reasons that go beyond the obvious."

Actually I'm pretty sure Jim would be very happy to get rid of Steve if only for a couple of years.

Eric M. Jones

Let's all remember Porky Bickar --who on April 1, 1974 lit fire to the pile of hundreds of old tires he had hauled to the top of extinct volcano Mount Edgecumbe in Siska, Alaska. Residents were alarmed at dawn when the dormant volcano began to belch black smoke. People spilled onto the streets to gaze up at the volcano, terrified that it had become active once again.