Japan's Weird Unemployment Solution

When Japanese unemployment edged up to a three-year high of 4.4 percent in February, the government started looking for creative ways to lower it. One solution: get the unemployed out of the country by offering citizenship buyouts. The program applies only to unemployed people of Japanese descent who were born abroad but now live in Japan (they’re known as nikkei). The plan pays out-of-work nikkei $3,000 to return to their country of origin, not to return until economic conditions improve in Japan. Like other strange Japanese ideas, we don’t expect this one to spread to our shores any time soon. [%comments]


someone thinks you guys are worse than ignoramus. i agree.



Wonderful! ....not really ...

This doesn't help unemployment, just like sweeping under the rug doesn't clean the house. The solution to unemployment is to .. employ! Guess you have an IQ over 90 to figure that one out.