"The Force Will Be With You … Always"

That’s what Obi-Wan Kenobi really said in Star Wars (1977), according to AMC’s list of famous film misquotes, not the popular variant, which is properly attributed to Han Solo. The list also includes famous quotes that, AMC claims, were never actually spoken in the films to which they’re linked: “Me Tarzan, you Jane,” for example. For the doubters — run them past Fred Shapiro. [%comments]


"Beam me up, Scotty!"

That variation was never used in any Star Trek show or movie.


The way bigger misquote is "Luke, I am your father," in that he actually said "No, I am your father." (the site above mentions this as well).

At least the phrase "May the Force be with you" was actually uttered in the movie, albeit by Han Solo.

The father line has been so misquoted I'd heard James Earl Jones speak in person twice, and he quoted the wrong version both times.

Gareth Chantler

""May the Force be with you" was actually uttered in the movie, albeit by Han Solo."



Hmm, there were a few gems in there, but most of the misquotes are so nitpicky they're hardly even interesting. A minor change in verb tense or collective pronoun doesn't seem terribly note-worthy except for annoying people at parties.

Chester M

The wiki for obsessive movie / TV watchers TVTropes has a page dedicated to any known instances of things like this happening, no matter where it occurs.



"It's often assumed that Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) has his hands up to his face and is screaming at the realization he's been left "home alone" or abandoned. In fact, he's screaming because he has just applied too much aftershave to his cheeks."

Haha, surely not?


macbeth never said 'lead on macduff' it was 'lay on macduff'.


Casablanca - Bogey never said, "Play it again, Sam". Neither did Lauren Bacall.


Interesting that if you compare the two variants of Obi-Wan saying "The force will be with you... always", it's clear that it's exactly the same recording of the line in both clips. The "remember" is pronounced markedly differently than the rest of the quote, suggesting that Alec Guiness only said it once, and the final line was some post-production work.


I always thought it was, "May the schwartz be with you"


#8: We can be certain Lauren Bacall never said it.

But we all err.

I think Bergman's words were "play it, Sam". And even that might be wrong. I rely on memory, looking stuff up is no fun.

Darth Saul

Ok, the line "May the Force be with you" is actually said by obi-wan although in later movies. In Episode III he says it to Anakin..