Truth in Advertising


By jingo, what a boom it was! So much so that I just noticed a local Philly contractor, perhaps more honest than most, who named his business “Bubble Builders.” In a sign of the times, I haven’t seen a single customer enter over the past few months.

With the housing bubble now truly behind us, you might imagine that Bubble Builders either needs a new name or a new line of business. What would you recommend?


Surviving Builders

The Builder Left Standing


Bubble repo.


Unless they are the manufacturers of those lovable bubbles - featured in a great episode of Seinfeld - I would concur.


It is obvious:

Bust Builders

but a bit of double entendre there

James Roche

"Recession Renovations", to take advantage of the "stay-cation" crowd who are adding a 2nd bathroom rather than moving to the hills.


dunno if this translates into american english but how 'bout
Botchit & Scarpa?


Why in the world would ANYONE pay someone to construct them a bubble? That just seems ludicrous.

I mean, my 5-year-old son could be a millionaire by the age of 7 if you get paid to do this stuff.

Is bubble construction even a science?

OK, about POOF Construction?


"It Will Come Back Builders"


I'm actually the owner of Bubble Builders :-)

Someone just sent me the link to this posting ...

The name actually arose out of what our close knit group of friends (our little Seinfeld group) called each other “The Bubble”.

Little did I know it was also going to be the moniker for the greatest economic downtrend since the “Great Depression”.

We have actually been very fortunate during these tough times. We've been fully booked and have turned away work for 2 to 3 years now.

Anyone can make money during the "boom" times, I built the business to weather the "down" times. I believe that if you're honest and charge a fair price - you'll always be busy.