Smallpox as Art

Installation artist Luke Jerram creates glass sculptures of diseases to “contemplate the global impact of each disease and to consider how the artificial coloring of scientific imagery affects our understanding of phenomena.” His sculptures of H.I.V. and swine flu, among others, will be exhibited this month in London. (HT: Chris Blattman) [%comments]


That's as fun as diseases as plushies!

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why is this so hard to believe.
isn't it part of an artist work to reflect cultural zeitgeist.

considering the danger that these kinds of diseases pose and will continue to pose to humans, it would appear that this is an example of benchmark art in the same class with Andy Warhol.

What we should perhaps think about, is how these diseases are the fault of our modern farming techniques and the devastation they can cause will be a direct consequence of increasing global travel and the oversanitisation of our children's environments.