You Can Own the First Printed Copy of SuperFreakonomics: A Charity Auction

Our new book comes out on October 20. Here is a picture of the very first copy that rolled off the presses:


If you’d like to own this first copy and be a good citizen at the same time, here’s your chance: it is being auctioned off on eBay, with the proceeds going to The Smile Train, a charity which performs cleft-repair surgery on poor children all over the world. (We’ve written about them quite a few times.) We’ll autograph the book for the winner, and the publisher will include a verification letter and a “limited edition SuperFreak t-shirt” as well. (I haven’t seen the shirts yet, so I can’t vouch for them.)

I will make a matching contribution, up to $5,000, to the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance, another cause that means a lot to our family. I’d certainly encourage you to think about supporting J.A.A. as well.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and let it be known: the dreaded winner’s curse does not apply to charity auctions.


For all of the previous talk about The Smile Train being a wonderfully efficient charity, MissionFish seems to be taking a pretty large cut. At the current bid ($255), they will take approximately 15% of the donation. Now certainly the bid should will go up, but it still seems likely that they will take over 10% of the donation, just to forward the money to The Smile Train.


Only up to $305. Were you going with a little Nudge there by dropping the $5000 in the column?


Of course the winner's curse applies to charity auctions.

You bid for the item to get the item and to support the charity. If you win the item, you learn that other potential bidders felt that either the item is worth less (i.e. the classic winner's curse) or that other bidders felt that the charity is less worthwhile.

As long as there is uncertainty about the value of the item or the worth of the charity, and other biders have information that you might not have, there is a winner's curse.


3 - I'm pretty sure that was a tongue in cheek comment.

-d (just one!)


Can you auction off another signed copy along with a tshirt and verification of authenticity... but not for Charity? I'm curious to see how much the value there is in the charity aspect of this sale....

Also, will you subject this auction to some freakonomic analysis, please?

Joe Lavelle

Will the Kindle version be available on the 20th as well?

I am in for (at least) $565 ... I can't wait to read it, I quote Freakonomics regularly!


Being released October 20th? Why is this already in the bookstores of Bangkok?