You better be ready to seek shelter. Go on TV and say that carbon mitigation isn't all that great or that climate change fanatics are like a religious cult? You heretic!


Nice. I already have a Tivo Season Pass for 20/20. It's nice when two great things taste great together, like a peanut butter cup.

Phil Scott

I haven't started reading the book yet. Would you recommend waiting until after I've read the book to watch the episode?


John Stossel has a reputation for having unconventional opinions on various topics, like Levitt and Dubner. He always has a deeper and more nuanced understanding on these topics than most news reporters allow us to see.


Just got my copy of "SuperFreakonomics" and will start reading this weekend.

Glad you got it published, because after you go on TV and say that maybe we need to rethink some of the global warming debate, you will probably be chased out of the country.

You heretics.

Silas Barta

Did you require them not to ask about any of the stuff that Joe Romm guy said?

Wonks Anonymous

So will you be explaining why a couple of Chicago guys, who really ought to believe in the efficacy of prices as incentives and the power of decentralized decisions made by millions of individual consumers and producers, have come down so heavily on the side of geoengineering as a solution to global warming?

Even if I tried I don't think that I could come up with a more centralized and more dubious solution to the problem. This one needs world government action and bets the whole show on, or at most two, untested ideas.

Whereas a carbon tax gives us all small price incentives to change our behavior and then relies on our innate creativity.

When did you guys become marxists?

Joe Smith

If you were looking for a topic for your next book consider this:
there is a substantial controversy in Canada over allegations of endemic price fixing in public road building contracts in Montreal Canada (we're talking hundreds of contracts and billions of dollars). If you can spot cheating in school teachers, basket ball players and sumo wrestlers, this one might be easy and generate some public interest.


The narrator of tonight's 20/20 episode about SuperFreakonomics stated that "public schools have been horribly broken since the 1970's". I'm wondering about the person who wrote those words in tonight's script. Does this person call him or herself a reporter? Where did that interesting "fact" come from?

There is a National Test (NAEP) that refutes that statement in every way. Actually, based on the fact that we are dealing with an increasingly diverse population, our public schools have been steadily improving instruction in order to meet the needs of all our students, instead of just the chosen few.

Most people in our country have students in public schools, and I would prefer to support and believe in all of the individuals who make up our education system. I am a teacher in an amazing public school where people work hard every day, always focused on student learning and student needs.

The callous comment I heard on 20/20 just made me feel so sad. It implied an indifference, or maybe even a desire to see public schools fail. Why?



You guys did a fine job- though they really made you come off as misogynistic in the first few segments . How soon we forget how MANY sacred cows graze in the fields of political correctness.

I'd be shocked if book sales did not spike after last night's broadcast. Congrats.


Ok, so I haven't read the book.

But mr. anonymous above just told me that geoengineering is an extreme centralized solution compared with taxing. I mean, if I were to compare apples with apples, I could come up with that conclusion as well.

But unfortunately, I have no idea what he/she means with this statement. If we were to rely on our innate creativity I feel like we would come up with something such as geoengineering, which from the limited reading that I've had (this blog/google research) is cost effective and quite possibly highly effective.

So I ask, if not geoengineering, then what?


Looking forward to reading the book. Regarding the theory that feminism helped to drive "wages" up for prostitutes...
Did you consider the impact of AIDS? Surely this had to reduce the supply of new recruits to the field.


The show was great, I'm sure the book is even better.