What's Your Flight Attendant Really Thinking?

If Captain Steve hasn’t answered all your airline questions yet, tune in to The Crew Lounge, a weekly podcast hosted by flight attendant bloggers Sara Keagle and Bobby Laurie. It promises to give listeners “a peek behind the galley curtain,” and will answer questions from listeners. [%comments]

Joe McDermott

I hope this podcast is from non-union flight attendants, who havn't become as angry and bitter about their jobs as the union flight attendants working for United, American and the other major airlines.

sam liu

should we care what these North American flight attendants think. they put their selves (thoughts, conduct) above their job, otherwise the airlines would be all like singapore aitline or cathay pacific

just unfortunate that their lack of knowing how to perform their job decently, leads to underperformance in that industry affecting those who do perform their jobs: pilots, mechanics, etc.

Robert Cinichi

If you actually took a moment to listen to the podcast, it does in fact convey that these flight attendants take pride in their job and know what they're talking about.

It's very well edited and put together, and never once has any one of the FAs conveyed what airline they work for. I don't believe that just because one airline is union or not that all employees are jaded and rude.

This podcast gave me a new respect for Flight Attendants. Thanks for the link!


What a great podcast...I loved hearing how proud these flight attendants are of their jobs, for one reason...I feel much safer flying because they take their jobs so seriously. I don't know what some people get by being so petty, I fly at least 8 times a month and 99% of the time I have a great experience with the crews of the airlines I fly. Frankly I don't know how they put up with likes of some people, but that is their job and they do it well! Thanks for letting us know about this podcast!