Paul Ralph

Sorry guys, I listened to the first podcast and found it not very informative. You have a lot of work to do if you want to be as good as the BBC's More or Less podcast.

(of course, Freakonomics has better brand recognition, so you'll probably have more listeners anyway).


As a social scientist and podcast fan, I was thrilled to hear your first episode. But as a researcher who studies obesity and weight stigma, the thrill vanished as soon as I listened to the teaser for episode 2. You ask Ira Glass "What do you think of fat people?" and he replies "I hate them, like everyone does." You manage to insult people, promote prejudice, and diminish both your own new podcast AND This American Life in less than 10 seconds. Talk about efficient... I hope the full episode shows more tact, though that seems unlikely.

David C

Why is your podcast free?