Global Warming as International Peacemaker?

New Moore Island in the Bay of Bengal, the subject of a long-running dispute between India and Bangladesh, was recently?completely submerged by rising sea levels.?”What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking, has been resolved by global warming,” said?Sugata Hazra of Calcutta’s?Jadavpur University. [%comments]

Olga Lednichenko

rising sea levels - definitely is a cause of concern and it should be to everyone - minus the republicans

in case of india and bangladesh - its a concern to both the neighbors

but i think - that - as the sole cause for peace -> that's a bit of a stretch...

its a good thing though.. makes me smile

olga lednichenko


Was it really rising sea levels? As in it got smaller and smaller each year as the level rose by a couple mm's? Are you sure it wasn't just a sandbar in an estuary?

Ian Mc Vindicated

Not really Global warming, just simple water action and erosion of a sandbar.. Good scary headlines though . Keep it up are very desperate now..

jim schmit

rising sea levels caused by global warming or sinking land cause by plate tectonics?


Hooray! And those evil liberals want to stop global warming ...


The ocean has risen two feet in the last 30 years. There was probably a hurricane. (Typhoon?)


And another point: climate change activists lose alot of credibility by blaming things on climate change that OBVIOUSLY have nothing to do with it.


That's absurd. Even by the worst estimates, sea levels are rising by less than 4mm per year. There were obviously different factors working here. You should know better than to even post such cause-and-effect nonsense.


Come on! The island didn't exist before 1974 and now it is gone again? If the highest point on the island was 2 meters above sea level, then that means that the entire sea has risen over 6.5 feet? We would have seen a lot more land underwater than just this tiny island if that was the case.

People need to think a little about what is really factual news and what is rhetoric...


Sugata Hazra's ridiculous assertion is an embarassment to Jadavpur University.


Aubrey, which ocean has risen 2 feet in 30 years?

Globally, oceans have risen 3 or 4 inches in the past 30 years.



There was meant to be a question mark on that. I'd hoped my second post would clear it up enough.



The fact that it didn't exist before '74 is proof that these scientists know what they're talking about. In the '70s 'global cooling' was all the rage, which would have lowered sea levels. Now 'global warming' (or should I say 'climate change' - cause climate never changes on its own of course) is the rage and the island disappeared again.

I'd just wonder if the island was in existence between the prior global cooling scare of the '20s/'30s and the global warming scare of the 50s. It could be that our best evidence of the next impending disaster is the existence or non-existence of this island. If so, we should re-name it 'Yo-Yo Island.'


Bjorn Henriksson

The floods from the continent might very well affect the water levels around the island and those rivers are well known to be affected global warming.

I dislike this whole post though, there's widespread death and dislocations in Bangladesh due to global warming and you should acknowledge how this will effect the regional stability in the long term.

Jackie O

The climate is constantly changing. There is new evidence that points to most of the US being a giant glacier for a few thousand years. The earth's temperature and climate are in a constant evolution. But beware - we arrogant humans assume we have to "fix" it...

Eric M. Jones

That's really going to surprise some people that the sea level has suddenly risen 2 meters.

Run for the hills!


By this logic, the war in Afghanistan should be solved in about....say 2 years! Talk about flawed logic.


This nonsense reporting is currently being flogged by various climate science bloggers and should not be taken as representative of where climate science is at.

Aditya Ramakrishnan

That area of the world is home to the Sundarbans, iirc, the largest delta on the planet. I'm hard pressed to believe the omg global warming!! cause for the island to disappear.

But on an aside, I wonder what the effect of firearms on the environment is. There's a lot of heat and particulate matter generated on a gunshot.