The Latest in Freakonomics Schwag

When we run a contest or quiz on this blog, we generally offer the winner/s some kind of prize. Since publishing SuperFreakonomics, we’ve updated the old offerings. So here’s the current assortment of Freakonomics schwag. And remember: you can always get a free signed bookplate for either book any time you want. If you’re really feeling the spirit, you can even get some SuperFreakonomics pants. (Sadly, they do nothing to stop you from walking home drunk.) In the fall, we’ll likely be able to offer the Freakonomics documentary on DVD as well as something else we’re very excited about: a super-deluxe illustrated edition of SuperFreakonomics, whose roots go all the way back to here.

Freakonomics signed bookHand-signed copy of Freakonomics (paperback).
DESCRIPTION The SuperFreakonomics t-shirt, worn by Ryan Hagen, a Freakonomics research assistant.
DESCRIPTION Hand-signed copy of SuperFreakonomics (hardcover).


I got the bookplate for Freakonomics. Just not thinking that a bookplate on my e-reader will have the same impact, as that's where my copy of SuperFreakonomics resides.


Perfect capitalism. Start selling virtual bookplates for e-readers.


Its Swag, not Schwag. Swag is Stuff we all get, schwag is low-grade pot.


I just got a tatoo of the Freakonomics logo, u know the apple with the orange on the inside. It looks very cool, and I would love to show it to you guys. Does anyone have a clue on how i can dowload it and share it on this site?