Memories of Madrid

DESCRIPTION Dentists-to-be, with their dummies.

A recent trip to Madrid included a lecture at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (which features, among other things, a dentistry school, at right). The best part was a short film that had been made before my arrival: a spoof in which an economics class at the university is taught freakonomics instead of economics (sorry, no translation available):

DESCRIPTIONOne of Antonio López’s giant baby heads.

There is of course much about Madrid to recommend, including the Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums and even the Museo del Jamon (see photo below); a Real Madrid match; a day trip to Toledo; the turtles in the train station’s jungle waiting area and other public art there (photos at left); and of course browsing in bookstores.

DESCRIPTIONThe turtles in Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha.
DESCRIPTIONThe Museo del Jamon; the Spanish love their hams.

It was hard not to notice that Spanish book designers seem particularly fond of a particular pose, at least for male authors:


A very thoughtful nation, or so it would appear.


It's funny how all the book covers feature far-right politicians and celebrities (except M. A. Aguilar, who is cool).

Glad you enjoyed Spain.


That's it? A handful of pics and a list of places to visit? Do you think you could maybe consider reading Tyler Cowen's coverage of his trip to Germany and use it as inspiration to try again?


M. A. Aguilar like Aznar represent the extreme right win. I think nothing to recomend.

Miss Shanahan

Whoa Nik, calm down. You're at Freakonomics. Eso es harina de otro costal.

Jorge Costales

I often hear of the "extreme right wing" - or "extreme right win" in some quarters - but who constitutes the moderate right wing?

My bet is the type of people who refer to 'extreme' ideological positions, do it as a kind of impotent-reflex to compensate for their inability to make better arguments.

For example, I do not like communists. As a practical manner, their extremity or reasonableness is immaterial to my wishing them ill. Perhaps it will matter when they may actually have to get a job and be productive. Given that professional moralizers are rather useless the less socialized a society is.

Drop the 'extreme' pose Javier. Just attempt better arguments.



Madrid is indeed a thoughtful city. It's book fairs are widely popular...including the near omnipresence of inexpensive book sellers in small kiosks adjacent to el Parque Retiro.

Wonderful place. Just watch where you step. Not everyone is always as thoughtful when walking their dog.

Joanne Amador Zapata

Madrid and Spain in general are wonderful places to visit. Spain is a place where in an instant you can be taken back to the days of Don Quiojote and feel like you are in one of the adventures.

I was fortunate to take my students on a trip throughout Spain and some to this day say that it was the best thing they have ever done. As their teacher it was truly priceless to see the looks on their faces as we marveled at the paintings of Goya, Picasso, El Greco and others...the same ones we had studied in their textbook.

The feeling compares to nothing else. Glad you enjoyed it.

See next time about taking a nice stroll through El Parque del Retiro.


~ Joanne