Soooo there were 3 deals?

2 for $1

3 for $1

1 for 40cents


Matt B.

Are you also ashamed of your mis-quoted headline, then?


Ten cents gets ya nuts.

Stephen J. Dubner

@Matt B.: Absolutely. Fixed. Thanks.

Shay Guy

The URI and the page title still have the old one.


Bananas are sold by the pound so, perhaps, the 2-for-1 bananas are larger than the 3-for-1 bananas. /lightbulb?

Simon Grey

AD reference FTW


Let's hope some other reader doesn't submit a picture of his local deli selling a Mayon-egg..

Nom nom...


yessss. i love this blog, i never quite knew why- now i know.


Season 3, Episode 5. My personal choice of funniest episode in the series. :D


is it possible that the 3 for a $1 bananas are a day or two older? That way you don't get people just buying the freshest bananas and being stuck with the aging/browning ones


Don't Sweat it, Dubner. I took the reference to be implicit.


That was a freebie.

J Walter Weatherman

And that's why you never miss an opportunity to make an Arrested Development reference!


"I've made a huge mistake"

Eric M. Jones

I still back my idea. Since (as I mentioned) bananas are radioactive, perhaps there is a discount for highly radioactive bananas. The average potassium-40 radiologic profile of bananas is 3520 picocuries per kg.

So the 2 for $1 bananas are mildly radioactive, while the 3 for $1 bananas will trigger radiation detectors across town.

Randy MacDonald

I don't get the reference. I missed the week _Arrested Development_ aired, sorry. Enlightenment appreciated.


I must have missed the reason why "There's always money in the banana stand" explains the disparate pricing scheme. It has something to do with a TV show, but since I don't watch it, am not planning to watch it, and have no idea which episode to watch even if I were inclined to, the relevance is not clear.

Mr T.

In Australia, bananas are set to triple in price due to a cyclone wiping out 90% of the banana crop.

With quarantine restrictions into Australia, there will be no imports to soften the blow.


Please explain "there .......................... stand "