How to Respond?

Date: February 14, 2011 2:50:11 PM EST
Subject: Free Book

Hello, i live in brazil and i would like to receive the book Freakonomics at no cost. Its possible?



The tried and true, if-i-give-you-one-i-have-to-give-one-to-everyone-else?

Tom G

Ask which public library you should donate a copy to


Send him a copy of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and see if he figures out the irony.


On one hand, it never hurts to ask. On the other hand, it's a shame and reflects the "general" line of thinking in a country that has all the natural resources to be the greatest country in the world. If only the majority of people would think more about everyone's wellbeing than their own benefits, even if it means someone else's loss.

Gary Bell

A simple succinct no should suffice.

Burgher Jon

Too simple to just send a supply and demand curve?


Ship the knowledge around the world! It is really hard sometimes to access good books in English from abroad. I live in Mexico and speak from personal experience.


I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to test a "pay what you want" strategy.

Dieter Zakel

Of course. Please pick it up at 225 5th Avenue NY :-)


There is no such thing as a free book.


Not that it probably helps your wallet, but he can buy it on eBay for only $10 with international shipping. I just checked...

Wagner (not the same one!)

The best answer would be: "No, it is not."


Will the best answer in the comments receive a free copy of Freakonomics?


If you pay for shipping, I'll mail my copy to them.

I recently got the ebook - so no longer need the physical copy.


Surprise him with cold hearted "no"


Perhaps they could provide an incentive for you to do so?


Fulfill the gentleman's wish, but stuff enough infomercial and other advertising material into the package to cover the cost of the book. Win-win.


Well, he was audacious enough to ask...send him one!

Ian M.

Recommend Wagner to not only ask you for the free book, but to also ask ALL other participants responsible in making the book, to provide their services for free. So he would need to also email the logging company, the paper manufacturer, the ink producer, printers, typesetters, etc.
Also he needs to contact your publishers, their marketing department, and other departments responsible with distributing and transporting the book to Brazil.
Only once all participants in the production of the Freakonomics book agree to freely provide their, Wagner will be able to find the book in the mail (which of course he will have to get the go-ahead from the Brazilian post office to deliver for free).
Otherwise tell him There Is No Such Thing As A Free Book.


You could argue this isn?t fair to other brazilians who bought the book, which is widely available here.

Pricing here however could be a subject for a future edition. Why imported editions are less expensive than translated ones? Why an older edition costs R$115 while a newer one costs R$14 ?