Another Chance to Win a Free Copy of SuperFreakonomics

Yesterday, we ran a contest to give away five copies of the new paperback edition of SuperFreakonomics (which can be bought on Amazon and elsewhere). There were more than 640 entries! Thanks for all the support, and for betraying your thirst for free stuff.

So let’s have another contest right now. Last week, when we asked the best way to give away books, your second preference was “really hard contests on blog.” Okay then. But instead of having a quiz here on the blog, we’ve put it on our new Facebook page. So go ahead and “like” our page (if indeed you like it), and try your hand at the quiz. We’ll send a free SuperFreakonomics paperback to the first five people who receive perfect scores.  (The tricky part is that you’ll do much better on the quiz if you’ve read the book but hey, the world’s not perfect is it?) Good luck!


Not Into Social Networks

Shame on you, Dubner! Don't try and persuade me and the remaining 213 people in this world who don't want to join Facebook by offering this contest.

You should offer a non-Facebook alternative or at least defend the reason(s) you don't!

Tim Miller

The 3rd party app used for the quiz requires that I grant them access to my Friends list as well as other unrelated features of my Facebook page. No can do.

I'll buy the book rather than sell out my Friends list.

I was also disturbed by the requirement that I decrease my level of security by changing from HTTPS (secure) to HTTP (way less secure) to play. BTW - if you do play, when done log off and log back on again to get the HTTPS back.

Bourree Lam

Hi Tim - this is a requirement from Facebook, not us. It is only so you can share the quiz/page with your friends IF you wish. Please note that the application does not collect friend information, nor automatically publish information to the user's wall or friends walls, or contact your friends or anything like that. So no selling out! Unless you want to share the quiz.

Impossibly Stupid

One of the worst parts about people who push the use of services that actively seek to erode personal privacy is when they refuse to own up to it. Crying "not us" doesn't cut it. As I said in another post, it is a questionable economic move to give your customers to Facebook for nothing in the first place. All the nonsense that may or may not befall people after you've done that is only salt in the wound.


do i really HAVE to join facebook to enter this contest? if so, that kinda sucks.


I hope I was fast enough!


C'mon, Dubner! How can you ask Superfreakonomics questions to win Superfreakonomics?! That can only result in a person who already has a copy or has already read to win! (BTW, I already bought it and am awaiting delivery... heheh)


I read it at the library, so hopefully now I will have my own copy!


When are the results going to be published?

D. Johnson

I suppose you'll be releasing the contest results via Twitter (or MySpace)?


When I tried to publish my score on my wall (after turning off https just to take the quiz, and granting the third-party app all kinds of scary privileges), I got this message from Facebook:

"This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error."


Well, unless I actually win the free book, I probably won't be reading it anytime soon. So making a comment here doesn't mean I entered the contest? Guess no chance I be reading super freakonomics.


How can I 'like' on FB if i dont 'like' FB it self. (Dont have a FB page)
So how do i get a chance for the book?!!

Jirka Lahvicka

How much does Facebook pay you to promote their intrusive service? I surely hope that excluding people who do not use it from your competition(s) did not come cheap.

Tim Miller

I suspect this is not a case of the Freak guys getting paid to do this - my guess is that they are trying something new using one of the social media tools available.

Just because FB screws around with users' security, and lets things like this quiz app erode whatever security users have built up does not mean it was not worth a try. Another guess I have is that the experiment with FB will be short, as Freakonomic readers have a bit more sense and value their personal data more than your average American Idol watcher.

Impossibly Stupid

"Just because FB screws around with users’ security, and lets things like this quiz app erode whatever security users have built up does not mean it was not worth a try."

On the contrary; that is exactly what it means to some of us. It's not like the value of Facebook can't be considered to include those factors, among many others, before deciding how to use it. The question is whether that is being done here, or whether or not this is just another case of "everyone is doing it". Like the very first poster wanted, I would also be very eager to see an economic defense of how Facebook is getting used (here and in general), because I have reached the conclusion that it is a net loss on many levels.


I deactivated my Facebook because my addiction to it was insane. How about giving your youngest read *cough me cough* a coppy?


Hey guys-
Been reading the blog everyday since the beginning...wanna say since 2007 but not sure.
Anyway I love it. So I am sad to see you guys begging for Stalkbook 'likes'.
Lame. Soooooooooooo lame.

Read Franzen's piece from Sunday's Times.

We already love you please don't make us 'like'