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Its content notwithstanding, what’s interesting to me about this picture is how jarring it is to see a black-and-white photograph these days. It instantly looks like an antique. There was a time, not so long ago, when 99 percent of serious photographers sneered at color photography. I worked at the N.Y. Times when it began printing color photographs in the news sections, and from some of the shrieking commentary you would have thought they were producing the color ink by pulverizing baby seals and kittens. The full-on proliferation of color photography is a good example of how quickly we get used to new things that we predicted we’d never get used to.

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Steve Nations

The first few times I watched a football game with the computer generated yellow first-down line I didn't like it. Every time a runner came up just a little short of a first down I'd yell, "Come on, the line's right there, you know you have to get there, reach the line!" It was frustrating that the players didn't react to the line the way I expected them to. The fact that I knew they couldn't see the line was irrelevant. Now of course I can't imagine a game without this feature.


I noticed that the 1950s seemed to be much like the 1940s and finally figured out that we switched from black and white film for snapshots to color around 1968 - 1969 when color film became much less expensive to buy and process. Color film, for me, marks the break between the older lifestyles and the new.