More Collateral Damage From the 9/11 Attacks

In SuperFreakonomics, we catalogued some of the collateral costs of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including roughly 1,000 extra traffic deaths in the U.S. in the three months after 9/11, the result of so many people driving instead of flying:

Such trickle-down effects are nearly endless. Thousands of foreign-born university students and professors were kept out of the United States because of new visa restrictions after the September 11 attacks. At least 140 U.S. corporations exploited the ensuing stock market decline by illegally backdating stock options. In New York City, so many police resources were shifted to terrorism that other areas — the Cold Case Squad, for one, as well as anti-Mafia units — were neglected. A similar pattern was repeated on the national level. Money and manpower that otherwise would have been spent chasing financial scoundrels were instead diverted to chasing terrorists— perhaps contributing to, or at least exacerbating, the recent financial meltdown.

The Wall Street Journal now reports on a most unlikely unintended consequence of the attacks and the ensuing hunt for Osama bin Laden:

The United Nations says a reportedly fake vaccination campaign conducted to help hunt down Osama bin Laden has caused a backlash against international health workers in some parts of Pakistan and has impeded efforts to wipe out polio in the country. A number of families across Pakistan refused vaccinations from July, when news of the reportedly fake campaign broke, to September, said Dennis King, chief of polio vaccinations in Pakistan for Unicef. “Following the early reports, some families in the provinces did refuse to have their children vaccinated citing the fake campaign as the cause,” Mr. King said. … The issue has given fresh ammunition to Islamist preachers who for years have claimed foreign health workers are spies and urged people to shun vaccination campaigns.


dont forget in the rush to bomb brown people, more brown people are now angry at us foreign policy


Ron Paul was explaining this 4 years ago, but Rudy Giuliani et al booed him.

Eric M. Jones.

And it won George Bush's second term....


Just to be clear: there is nothing illegal about back dating options.
You can set the date whenever you like, however, if that date is in the past then you have to re-state the results from that year and subsequent years to reflect the new CORRECT diluted share count.
Or you can adjust the P&L to reflect the TRUE cost of the employee stock options.
If you choose to remunerate employees this way then your P&L needs to reflect that reality, obviously.

To back date the options and NOT make re-statements, well, that would be illegal.

As for the polio vaccine - that is truly sad indeed.


Another impact of september 11 is on babies cognitive development as found by a JMP by an Harvard student.


Osama is dead but still winning. The assinine War On Terror is exactly the sort of wasteful response that gives the terrorist his victory.

dave gershner

How about collateral damage from the bush financial crisis 2007=2008, and this might be a surprise to some: the rich..............

isn't it a bitch, pubs hate facts

here's another reason why smart peeps will vote Dem in 2012---str8 ticket:

---So, the rich were also hurt by bush' financial crisis, and improvement has come since President Obama has been in the White House---

The share of income received by the top 1 percent—that potent symbol of inequality — dropped to 17 percent in 2009 from 23 percent in 2007, according to federal tax data. Within the group, average income fell by about a third, to $957,000 in 2009 from $1.4 million in 2007.

Analysts say the drop largely reflects the stock market plunge, and most think top incomes recovered somewhat in 2010, as Wall Street rebounded and corporate profits grew.

-------------------------------------not easy to see your deluded opinions exploded, but facts will win, that's why Obama has raised so much more money than all the pubs combined, clowns that they are----------------------------