A German Haircut

(Photo: Hoch Sollst Du Leben)

Got a haircut at the beauty parlor down the street in Bonn, Germany.  The young lady washed my hair first and dried it after very carefully — neither of which is done at home.  The whole thing cost only €10, much less than I pay at the beauty parlor that my wife patronizes in Austin.  On the price list, though, no price was as low as €10.  I asked why, and was told they give a special price to those who are (as we might say in the U.S.) follically challenged. I observed a hirsute fellow in the next chair, whose haircut lasted much longer than mine.  Clearly, the shop was engaging in cost-based price discrimination.


Good business strategy to get people to come in who wouldn’t otherwise. After all, with a look like yours, your wife could give you the same results in ten minutes with electric clippers.

Skip Montanaro

I wonder if they would reduce their price for a simpler hair cut like a buzz cut?


Germany also has no minimum wage.


Interesting observation but how is it relevant to the discussion at hand?


You may want to clarify that by 'neither of which are done at home' you mean at the salon in the U.S. Otherwise one might think you mean at your domicile.


I've never been to a haircut place that didn't at least offer a wash and dry...


Well, I do not want to disappoint you but a price of 10€ for a simple cut (which normally includes washing the hair, cutting it but not drying it) is about the "competitive" price in most cities in (West) Germany. If you are lucky, you also find lower priced ones, especially in East Germany. And this is independent of the amount of hair on your head. (I am female with long hairs and pay about €10).

As someone commented, it is also not strictly true that there are no minimum wages for hairdressers in Germany. Mostly they are unionised. The wage in Bonn (NRW) is about €8-€13 per hour, even much less for an apprentice. In East Germany they go done to €4-€6 per hour. And


Excellent. And now how about half-price mammograms for women with only one breast?

Miranda Forde

I see those who are follically challenged have much more to deal with than I thought. Doesn't that mean I will have to pay extra for my long hair. Wait a minute. I think I already do.