Charts: Name That Rap Song

Like most economists, I spend much of my day analyzing data, distilling it into the perfect charts. And I also like to listen to music, while doing this.  The brilliant Elisabeth Fosslien has found a way to combine the two.  Yes: Rap Music in Charts. Brilliant!

Here’s a chance to test your pop culture knowledge and chart reading skills. (Answers at the bottom.)


This has been done for a very long time on www[dot]jamphat[dot]com, and possibly others. A quick google search for "rap graphs" will show articles linking to jamphat as early as 2008. Ms. Fosslien's formatting and use of limits and joint probability is quite nice, no doubt - but to be fair I don't believe we can say her work is original.

I am also having trouble accepting Graph #1 here. The song is "I ain't mad at you". The graph seems to show that "I" am mad at you, and no one else is.


There is a substantial Flickr group dedicated to these:

Jesus Walks?

Jesus Walks?


Love and Hate on Eminem's Recovery album, in chart form:


I fear that Elisabeth Fosselien needs a remedial course in understanding musical genres. LMFAO as rap? RotFLMAO!



I initially missed it as well, but the chart title for #1 is actually a label for the big blue circle.