Freakonomics Radio on Stitcher

Stitcher is a “smart radio” app that lets you listen to podcasts and live radio on demand. I only heard of it once Stitcher began advertising on Freakonomics Radio, but then I started using it and I have to say I do love it.

As of today, I love Stitcher even a little bit more because it has just launched a Stitcher List of top programs around the world, and guess which program resides at No. 1?

Thanks to Stitcher and thanks to all of you who gobble up our radio program via whatever distribution method you choose. It is most gratifying!


Stitcher is handy, yes, (and free!) but as of when I last checked, it only worked over streaming. A little disappointing, but otherwise a great app. For offline automatic podcast updating, you'll need something like Downcast. That's what I use for my Freakonomics updates-- for me the market incentive to listen in the car without eating up my data plan is very strong. Congrats on making the top list!


I was tempted by Stitcher but at the time I wasn't using Facebook (and I still use it as little as possible) so it was a non-starter. I'm much happier with iTunes downloads.

On the other hand, if it works for others and gets more coverage, carry on!


Stitcher I find pretty useful. You guys need to make another movie!!


I have not used it, but looking at the top 4, Stitcher may be slightly bias to NPR podcasts and listeners. I also notice as I listen to those podcasts in iTunes that they all advertise Sticher. Self fulfilling prophecy? Still it is good to be king, congrats.


I heard about Stitcher here and many other podcasts I listen to, but sadly bit disappointed with the lack of features > more specifically inability to Auto download over wifi and play later.

Now I' practically hate stitcher, because they never reply to any comments users send them and atleast on android there are far better choices out there for podcasts and internet radio. Android users try BeyondPod or Poddcatcher both are infinitely better than Stitcher.

Down with Stitcher (not so smart Radio)


I wholeheartedly agree that you are the number 1 non-tech podcast in the entire internets.. although I would like it more often, because I am a greedy brain.