Our Daily Bleg: Know Any Top-Tier Management Consultants Who Want to Talk About Their Trade?

We are working on a Freakonomics Radio episode about the management-consulting profession. It was inspired in part by a Robin Hanson blog post about the industry and the fact that Steve Levitt worked as a consultant between undergrad and grad school and has lately rekindled the flame, starting up a firm called The Greatest Good.

We are looking to interview an experienced consultant, preferably with a top firm, who can freely talk about the industry broadly and his or her work specifically.

If you are that person or can recommend such a person, please shoot us an e-mail here. Many thanks.

Steven B. Levy

You might reach out to author and consultant Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting. I've also sent him a link to this article. http://summitconsulting.com/

Howard Fear

Get Matthew Stewart (http://mwstewart.com/) author of The Management Myth (http://www.amazon.com/The-Management-Myth-Experts-Getting/dp/0393065537)

Anil Dilawri

Tom Peters. Dude loves to talk...and he does it well.


Unfortunately not, but my suggestion for an additional podcast is related:

How do (micro) economic consultants behave as market participants? If economists run a business do they organises their firms different than business people? Do they really behave as the theory they sell to clients predict they should do? Do they internally set appropriate incentives? Are wage schemes better? And most importantly: How do microeconomist set their own prices!

Leaving academia and now working is a reasonably size company of -more ore less only- mircoeconomists, it often makes me smile how we (=microeconomists) behave when it is our turn!


What about Michael Auzenne or Mark Horstmann from Manager Tools? Those guys have an awesome podcast series.