What's Your Favorite "Edutainment" Podcast?

Freakonomics Radio has been nominated as one of the top “edutainment” podcasts on iTunes, and the biggest vote-getter will be featured on iTunes in July. You can vote here. I will warn you, the competition is very stiff — we’re up against Radiolab (which would probably get my vote, to be honest), the TED Talks podcast, and some other formidables.

I realize it is the height of hypocrisy for us, the guys who say that voting is overvalued, to ask for your vote. But if you don’t mind voting for hypocrites, go ahead and tick the box.


Planet Money & Stuff You Should Know


Hardcore History with Dan Carlin - good material - excellent production values - only problem is he only releases 3-4/year.


There are numerous podcasts, that depending on the day and on my mood could be number one.

I would like to be the first to mention the hilarious Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. It is different the, but not better than Radiolab and Freakonomics.

Eric M. Jones.

Most TED talks need the graphics. But TED talks are way up there.

This American Life...Astonishing! Listen to "HANDS ON A HARDBODY." (Part of 62: Something for Nothing). Or try 423: THE INVENTION OF MONEY...Just Stellar Great Stuff.

Car Talk? Light stuff but always good.

BBC Hardtalk (these have video, but it's only a talking head.)

BBC anything else. (I'm not an Anglophile, but the BBC does not bow to financial interests, and has the most courageous stand on world events).

Lots of great Podcast out there. ITunes has many thousands of free podcasts in every subject.


BBC Radio 4's 'In our Time' is fantastic

Paul D.

It's a tie between Freakonomics and RadioLab for first. Stuff you should know runs a close second...

Paul D.

somehow I left out This American Life....Silly me.


While taste is subjective and all that, there's no way Stuff you Should Know is better than either TED or Freakonomics or Radiolab.
I propose we vote TED to bring down Stuff You Should Know.

Andrew McGivern

Hey... The Bunker Project podcast isn't on the list! ;) Maybe next time?


Freak and TED are great, as is the new "You are not so Smart" cast.

RadioLab is terribly overproduced and the hosts rarely let guests/experts get more than a few words in before the hosts steal the mic to paraphrase.

Laure-Anne Visele

Bbc in our times
Infinite monkey cage
Cognitive dissonance
Brief history of mathematics
Dr karl on triple j