A Remarkable New Chapter to a Remarkable Story

Last week I blogged about a grass-roots effort to get a baseball player named Adam Greenberg an at-bat in the majors. Greenberg did make the majors once, back in 2005, but was hit in the head by the very first pitch he faced, never to return.

I wrote a chapter about Greenberg (called “Once-Hit Wonder”) in the forthcoming book Jewish Jocks . I hope the book goes to a second printing, because his story already needs an update. Next week, Greenberg is scheduled to get another chance to hit in the majors. The Miami Marlins — the team Greenberg that faced in his 2005 at-bat, when he was with the Cubs — has signed him to a one-day contract. He is set to play for the Marlins on Tuesday, when they face the Mets and pitcher R.A. Dickey (a knuckleballer!). ESPN has good coverage.

Who knows, maybe Greenberg will hit a rocket in his first at-bat and win his way back into the big leagues. 


Is he still playing in the minors or is it more of (lack of better word) pity situation ?


It's not "pity". it's a PR stunt. Baseball clubs have a long, deep, proud tradition of doing anything for free publicity. And this does just that the story is already ont ESPN and the Today Show. It's going to be all over the local news,

If it gets few hundred extra Marlins (or cubs) fans to show up for a game, some one in the Marlin's front office will have earned a well deserved pat on the back.

Richie Sevrinsky


David Auerbach

This is 5 days old, but I just heard of it today.