FREAK-est Links

  1. How well does government work? Economists call for evaluations.
  2. UMass Amherst grad student Thomas Herndon finds coding errors in key debt-load paper by Reinhart and Rogoff.
  3. Price dives: gold, cupcakes, and chicken wings.
  4. Databases that track employee theft.
  5. The debate on an internet sales tax.
  6. Matt Ridley on homo economicus: “It is futile to ask whether people are naturally cooperative or selfish. They can be either, depending on the circumstances.”


I would just like to sa, for the benefit of any politicians reading this, I am a constituent for program evaluations and I am 100% natural.

A govt bureaucrat

Come and see what we measure and evaluate in aging, it's highly innovative and we can prove what we do meets the outcomes we intended as we collect a lot of data and use it for dashboarding and continuous quality improvement. We design using lean principles. Despite those who would want us to not be productive. We are highly productive despite the few that try to put us in time wasting meetings all day. What would be more useful would be to measure whether political appointees and elected officials meet their outcomes. The political process impacts quality greatly. It doesn't give programs time to meet their goals or outcomes because depending in the programs and population and how popular the policy topic is... the next party revises the agenda and law so longitudinal evaluation is almost impossible. I say focus on the elected officials for once instead of the executive branch, therein lies the root cause of the problem.