Freakonomics Radio Gets Results

(Photo Credit: non-defining)

(Photo Credit: non-defining)

It’s nice to have a podcast that is popular, but it’s another thing to have a podcast that actually changes the world. Can you guess which of our recent episodes changed the world? Maybe the one about pedestrians getting run over? Or the one about blood avocados? Nope. Here’s an e-mail from Mandi Grzelak, a listener in Cincinnati:

True story: while listening to your Feb. 6 podcast “What You Don’t Know About Online Dating,” I thought to myself, “I should try online dating!” After all, if NPR employees are on sites like OKCupid, I might have a shot with one! How amazing would that be?!

Long story short: I signed up that afternoon, started with some e-mails and went on my first date (from the site, not ever) on Feb. 10. Tim and I have been inseparable ever since, bring each other endless amounts of happiness, and last night he proposed. I, obviously, said yes. We plan to elope in NYC this August, to avoid a large dramatic wedding. But you and your families are welcome to join us.

And it’s all thanks to you!!!

So once again, thank you for your books and podcasts, the entertainment, knowledge, and life-changing moments you create in the lives of your readers and listeners.

We can die happy now. We may never move the needle on big social or policy issues, but as long as Mandi and Tim are together, we can take some satisfaction for that.


Proposal after 3 months and to be married 6 months after your first date? Call me skeptical.


Proposal in just under 3 months, married 6 months and 11 hours after meeting. (We met just before midnight on New Year's Eve, married on 1 July, so it was easy to calculate.) Closing in on 28 wonderful years!


Yes, three months is short, but why do we think so? It was six weeks for us, and we were married four months after that. Both of us knew what kind of life partner we we wanted. It's worked for nearly 47 years, and prospects look good for the future. I can't imagine how I could have done better.


May be it's my modern feelings on marriage. We're living longer so I can't imagine jumping in without knowing certain things. How do we function living together for an extended period of time? How compatible are we dealing with money? How do we each deal with crisis/stress when we hit a bump in the road (either relationship wise or otherwise)?

(I assume the religion and kids questions are covered on the dating site)


Andrew, we've faced lots of skeptics so far, and keep telling people that no, I'm not pregnant. Just in love and happy. We're both 30-ish and found the right person. Why wait?

Mandi's Tim

I have been in 5, 3, and 4 year relationships. I have also been in 4-6 week relationships. For me, time became less relevant as I aged. In fact, I found myself needing less time to find "the one" since I have been zeroing in on likes/dislikes from past relationships. In short, I chose not to settle, and then along came Mandi. She was BETTER than what I was zeroing in on and am anxiously awaiting August 22nd in NYC.