Unintended Consequences of Anti-Police Protests in New York

1. According to the New York Post: “The NYPD is pulling detectives from homicides and other investigations to help deal with the endless barrage of anti-cop protests in the city, law-enforcement sources told The Post Monday.”

2. The anti-police protests are, in one way at least, rewarding the very police officers whom the protestors wish to punish, with nearly $23 million in overtime going to cover “the equivalent of 38,700 tours of duty since Dec. 3,” according to commissioner Bill Bratton.

3. The protests have also led most New York precincts to cancel their Christmas parties. According to DNAInfo: “The officers, who pay for their precincts’ holiday parties themselves, also don’t want to risk putting in money if there’s a chance they’ll be called out to work overtime the night of the party.”


Be more biased, please.


Aren't those really the unintended consequences of killing unarmed black men?

Aria de Sitter

the overtime is mismanagement of resources indicating no only are police corrupt but that management is corrupt and incompetent as well.


They aren't "anti-police" protests and you don't have to call them that simply because the Post did.


To be fair, claiming that your party might be interrupted is not going to garner sympathy from families who have lost their loved ones to police that have little accountability. The smallest violin playeth for them.


Unarmed black men that commit crimes and resist arrest. Let's be fair. They weren't volunteering as crosswalk guards at a local school Or helping little old ladies cross the street.


Let's be fair again. Even if what you said was true in all cases, they were unarmed and killed for offenses I'm pretty sure would have had a smaller punishment than the death penalty, and at a much higher rate than a white man in the same circumstances.


re #3: http://citationsneeded.com/2014/12/18/the-myth-of-nypd-overtime/

You might receive less ire from the comments section if you simply stuck in a "Reported" at the front of the headline.

Jack Phelps

Nope: http://citationsneeded.com/2014/12/18/the-myth-of-nypd-overtime/


"The anti-police protests are, in one way at least, rewarding the very police officers whom the protestors wish to punish."

Not everyone values overtime the same. The opportunity cost of being home with your family might outweigh any satisfaction you get from that overtime pay. Let's not assume an individual's preferences.


NYC should get that insane mayor of London to run the city.

He'll know just what to do in these situations and will surely jump into action by...taking off his shoes.

Maybe, Rob Ford could be his police chief!


The protests aren't to "punish" the police, but to draw attention to the abusive ones within their ranks.


We also might ask why the police feel that they have to turn out in force to "deal with" the protests. I suggest the real reason is simply that they're trying to intimidate the protestors into silence.


First off, you are now using the NY Post as a source?!?!

More importantly, the $23mil figure seems rather small in comparison to the $428mil that the NYPD has cost us over the past five years in settlements (granted a few of these were not from misconduct):

Maybe Freakonomics could do an economic analysis of opportunity cost, financial damages, etc. to certain demographics because of stop-and-frisk and broken windows policing?

el Lawrence

Police officers pay nothing when they lose judgements: the city pays. Your tax dollars! The officer mosylty can keep job, salary and pension.


I think it would be interesting to study the statistics on this issue - is it a race issue or a police issue? What is the percentage of police killing citizens of their own race vs. another race? Is the percentage of citizens killed by police consistent with the percentage of citizens (of the same race) arrested by police?


It has been shown that Americans of all races are discriminatory towards black people, even black Americans are racist against black Americans.

I would suggest pragmatically that, yes, it partially is a race issue, but one that will be impossible to solve until we perfect our robocops.

The main issue is that the police don't seem to be compelled to show any just cause before shooting.


How about cardboard cut outs of people with protest signs put out on the streets the night before ? On the fallowing day the cops can put their cop people cardboard cut outs doing inhuman things to the protesters cardboard cut out. You know, stuff like pepper spraying , beating, arresting, putting hand cuffs on so tight the cardboard loses circulation. Then both parties should stand back and observe the spectacle. Maybe something will click in their hard bone head. ( The brain} for you none scientific types. If the cops see how evil they appear they might think twice before smashing heads or pepper spraying some 70 year old woman out of anger. Hears a thought,cops did you know the protesters are taking time away from their fun n family n their Xmas parties and are protesting in your behalf as well as their own . People don't protest for the fun of it. There is generally a good reason for it. You should be thankful that some people have gathered to support the Constitution and other issues we the people are concerned about . So don't beat them, join them. SOME DAY, YOU MAY WISHED YOU DID .


Voice of Reason

It is the "protestors" right to riot and make signs if they choose to, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of our constitution, but shouldn't it also be our right to bill them $100 per person per night to recover the cost of the extra police force that need to be stationed there, and for the destruction and lost economic productivity that they cause. This way, as free Americans they could still make their own decisions with how they want to handle their time, but they'll personally feel the full effects of the external diseconomies that they cause.

At least that's the argument that climate change people make with respect to businesses.