Economics for (and by) 10th Graders

An economics primer written by 10th graders.

Predicting the Financial Crisis: A Q&A With Fault Lines Author Raghuram Rajan

Rajan on the crisis.

If You're Still Not Sick of Geoengineering: A Q&A With Jeff Goodell

A new book offers more insights into geoengineering.

The Science of Genius: A Q&A With Author David Shenk

Practice makes genius?

How's the View Up There?: A Q&A With the Author of The Tall Book

In The Tall Book, Arianne Cohen relies on insights from her own life (including a brief stint as one half of the world's tallest couple), and research from economists and scientists to shed light on the pros and cons of life as a really tall person.

Taking Control of Your Health: A Q&A With the Author of The Decision Tree

Thomas Goetz, the executive editor of Wired, has written a new book that he hopes will give people some tools in this effort. Goetz has agreed to answer some of our questions about his book.

Can Public-Funded Entrepreneurship Work? A Q&A With the Author of Boulevard of Broken Dreams

In recent months, the U.S. government has taken on a challenging and controversial new role: private sector investor. This development has raised a host of questions about the government's role in the economy and a new book by Josh Lerner, Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed - and What to Do About It, is required reading for anyone hoping to understand the issues.

How Did Israel Become "Start-Up Nation"?

Since the onset of the current financial crisis, political and economic pundits have loudly proclaimed the end of American economic dominance. U.S. policymakers are struggling to revive the economy, establish new industrial competencies, and remain globally competitive. Meanwhile, in a small, young, constantly embattled country across the globe, old-fashioned entrepreneurialism is alive and well. Israel, just 60 years old and with a population of 7.1 million, has emerged as a model of entrepreneurialism that countries at all stages of development have tried to replicate.

African Entrepreneurs

The problems facing developing countries, in Africa and elsewhere, are overwhelming in their magnitude and complexity. From HIV/AIDS to widespread corruption and poverty, obstacles to economic development are occupying some of the world's brightest minds. The three individuals profiled below are tackling Africa's most trenchant problems in vastly different ways but with a common goal: to create a new development paradigm for the continent.

Random Lives in Northern Uganda

I went to northern Uganda to observe an economic experiment -- a randomized program intervention focused on highly vulnerable women in the region. The program, Women's Income Generating Support (WINGS), is being implemented by the Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI) and will provide the women with grants and business training.

"Less than an hour after we started, the randomization was complete and the immediate future of 1,800 women was determined."

Due to resource constraints, the women will receive the intervention in two different phases, allowing a team of economists to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.