Counterfeit Wine Below the Radar: The Case of Tesco

Mid-range counterfeit wine.

When are High Wine Prices Justified?

In wake of some of the latest chatter about The Wine Trials 2010 (this one from Joe Briand, wine buyer for New Orleans's excellent Link Restaurant Group, e.g. Cochon, Herbsaint, with a response from Wine Spectator executive editor Thomas Matthews), I thought it was time for a quick clarification of first principles here.

Bicycle Inflation in Paradise?

When I arrived in Portland last month, the first thing I wanted to do was buy a bike and get around the way the locals do. Since I wouldn't be in town for too long, and it wasn't clear that I'd be able to take the bike with me when I left, I wanted something extremely cheap.

Do Taste and Smell Adjectives Signal Value, or Do They Create It?

Two papers at last month's meeting of the American Association of Wine Economists in Reims (this is my second of two articles about the conference) investigated this question with respect to the wine industry, which is, if not a microcosm of all consumer-products industries, at least an increasingly apt caricature of them. While creative adjectivism has long characterized the wine world, the practice in other taste industries -- chocolaty coffee, metallic fish, grassy honey, peaty whiskey -- is now ascendant.

Are Empty Wine Bottles on eBay Being Used for Counterfeiting?

One of the most thought-provoking papers at this year's meeting of the American Association of Wine Economics was presented by Günter Schamel, a professor at the Free University of Bolzano.