Freakonomics Radio: Lewis Black Fixes the Government

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Lewis Black

Lewis Black, the smart and wonderfully noisy comedian — perhaps best known for his Daily Show appearances; catch him live in New York next month — helps us preview the third episode of our Freakonomics Radio podcast. (You can subscribe here on iTunes or here via RSS feed.) The new episode should be ready in a few days. It takes advantage of a particularly rocky period in Washington to ask the following question: What would the world look like if economists were in charge? Lewis Black has some ideas of his own, which you can listen to right here:

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Paul Ewig

Your buddy-Lewis


What is the music?


I submit TPF, no not Total Factor Productivity, but The Freakonomics Postulate. If economists were in charge at the post office for example, we wouldn't have Northrop Grumman's $1.5 billion dollar malfunctioning magazine sorter. I have made a video:


Very cool video.

brian gillespie

Obviously economist aren't homogeneous in their ideas. I'd like to see a contrast with the freshwater and saltwater economists.

Dalelyn Burbary

Extrapolating on what Lewis said: I'd like to see high school seniors running the government. The same ones who are running the student government. They're probably drinking alcohol and smoking pot. They still know how to party!!

Oh, BTW Brian Gillespie, if we let those economists run the government, we'd get to keep our two-party system!! Bi-partisan politics would live on!!! LOL


Looking forward to the next episode. I liked the music at the end too. You guys should use that tune more.


"No one tells the truth before 2am."
--Hunter S. Thompson


I listened to this and was not impressed. I tried to listen to previous podcasts and discovered either I must set up RSS software or subscribe to itunes. Not. Goodbye until you set up a standard .mp3 download.


I DID download this Lewis Black episode and it is the same thing looped over and over. Disappointed!


Lewis Black "I yell and scream for a living" haha...SO great! Always telling it how it is. Not sure what some of you aren't hearing, maybe you just don't get the humor? Looking forward to what else he has to say on Stark Raving Black!!