More Freakonomics Podcasts Coming Your Way

Listen now:

For a while now, we’ve been doing a regular Freakonomics Radio segment on the public-radio behemoth Marketplace. In the past, those segments didn’t make it to our podcast stream. But that’s no longer the case, as of today.

Our inaugural Freakonomics/Marketplace segment is about the historic decline and fall of crime, and features three Steves: me, Levitt, and Pinker, along with host Kai Ryssdal.)

If you subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or the RSS feed, you will now get a new Marketplace segment every other week in addition to our regular podcast. Since our regular podcast also comes out every other week, this means that Freakonomics Radio is now officially a weekly podcast. Like this:

Week 1: Freakonomics Radio podcast (usually about 20-25 minutes)
Week 2: Freakonomics Radio on Marketplace (about 5 minutes)
Week 3: Freakonomics Radio podcast
Week 4: Freakonomics Radio on Marketplace

Also, sometime in early 2012, we’ll be releasing our second set of five hour-long programs to public-radio stations across the country. If your local station doesn’t yet carry Freakonomics, I’d suggest you take advantage of the upcoming Halloween holiday and consider egging their studios.*


Steve O

Great news! Happy to see the quality Freakonomics program expanding and offering more content (especially at the low, low price of free). Thank you and keep up the good work.

Chess Piece Face

> In the past, those segments didn’t make it to our podcast stream.
Then how have they been showing up in my podcast player?

I definitely recommend some QA for your RSS feed, both for the blog and the radio show. I frequently, but not consistently, have duplicates show up. "Oh good," I think, "new Freakonomics Radio! But, wait, I've heard this one before."

You have an RSS feed from your blog, a feedburner feed of that blog, the RSS for and the iTunes feed, as far as I know. I have no idea what extra variables your sponsor, Stitcher, adds to the mix (though I do know they add no benefit over Google Listen except to fund the free-to-me podcast).

Adam J