Is It Okay for Restaurants to Racially Profile Their Employees?

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(Photo: Cory Doctorow)

(Photo: Cory Doctorow)

Season 6, Episode 5

This week on Freakonomics Radio:  We seem to have decided that ethnic food tastes better when it’s served by people of that ethnicity (or at least something close). Does this make sense — and is it legal? Host Stephen Dubner speaks with the owners of Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table, which serves “thoughtful American comfort food,” and Gabriela’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar, a Mexican restaurant,  about their staff and hiring practices.

Next, what happens when you work at a Chinese restaurant and you’re not Chinese and you’re in China? We hear from comedian Des Bishop about his experience and how he was treated when he worked as a greeter for a restaurant while living in China

Plus, Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt discuss the question, how would an economist go about choosing a place to live? 

To learn more, check out the podcasts from which this hour was drawn: “Is It Okay for Restaurants to Racially Profile Their Employees?” and “How to Think About Money, Choose Your Hometown, and Buy an Electric Toothbrush.”

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