The Ugly Scout Answers Your Questions

Last week, we solicited your questions for Simon Rogers, the owner of the talent and modeling agency UglyNY. In his answers below, Rogers discusses, among other topics, why George Clooney probably earns more than William H. Macy and why finding ugly talent is harder than it seems. You’ll find more photos of his clients throughout […]

Bring Your Questions for the Ugly Scout

Simon Rogers moved to New York from London when he was 28 to begin his modeling career. About two years ago, he created UglyNY, a talent and modeling agency affiliated with Ugly in London, which is run by a friend. You'll see photos of his clients throughout the rest of this post.

As Rogers once told The New York Times, UglyNY serves the market for "great-looking people, people who've really been hit with the ugly stick, and everything in between." UglyNY's recent clients include Clairol, Walmart, and Vanity Fair. Demand for "real people," Rogers says, is growing -- in part because of the influences of reality TV, MySpace, etc. Plus they are often cheaper.

Why the Cheap Haircuts?

I’ve been mystified by the abundance of beauty parlors/barbershops in Germany — and by the low prices I’ve paid for their services. At home I pay $35 for a haircut by my wife’s hairdresser (nearly $1 per hair). Here, for an equal-quality haircut I pay $13 ($17). Why so low a price; why so many […]

Vengeance Is Whose?

Here’s a fascinating abstract, no comment necessary other than a little bolding for emphasis, from a new working paper called “Vengeance” by the economist Naci Mocan of Louisiana State University. He has done a lot of work on crime. He argues, for instance (contra Freakonomics) that the death penalty has a strong deterrent effect on […]

How Much Do Looks Matter? A Freakonomics Quorum

We’ve written before about various “beauty premiums”: the advantages gained in the marketplace by people who are better looking, taller, or have better teeth than the average person. Empiricism and theory have their place, of course, but we decided to ask some real people to discuss how much looks really matter. Here are their answers; […]

Bring Your Questions for a Plastic Surgeon

The Economics of Teeth, and Other Beauty Premiums

I’ve been thinking a lot about teeth lately. First I read this post by Ian Ayres on the value of getting a tooth cleaning. Then I was out in Salt Lake City to give a lecture at the University of Utah, and the student who drove me around was a very nice guy whose father […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ford Models

Last week, we solicited your questions for John Caplan, the president of Ford Models. Amidst all the Fashion Week furor, he took the time to answer. Q: Have models truly gotten smaller over the past, let’s say, 30 years? Is it a result of demands from designers, editors, and/or advertisers, or did it start with […]