A Government Official in Venture Capitalist's Clothing?

What do the X Prize, Google, and the Department of Education have in common? Stephen Dubner gives Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal a pop quiz that compares American aviator Charles Lindbergh to the Race to the Top education-reform program, which makes the government seem a bit more like a sleek venture capitalist than its typical bureaucratic […]

Let Google Decide for You

Google is developing a service that will tell you what you're reading.

Google Earth as Big Brother?

Google Earth isn't just for kicks anymore: FP reports that governments around the world are using the service to catch everyone from tax evaders to marijuana growers.

How Google Makes Us Happy in Small Ways Too

Google's Easter Eggs.

Quotes Uncovered: We Still Need Libraries!

Why Google Books can't yet replace the real thing.

1899: A Very Good Year for Books

According to Google Books, it's the year Raymond Chandler's Killer in the Rain was published, along with Stephen King's Christine and a landmark biography of Bob Dylan -- not to mention the Italian editions of Freakonomics and Super Crunchers.

How to Get the Google Hook-Up

When Google opened a major routing center in Lenoir, N.C., some community members complained that the town gave Google to much in the way of incentives -- such as sales-tax-free electrical power. Now Google seems to be giving back: the company is hooking up downtown Lenoir with free wireless Internet for the next three years.

Search Giant, Search Thyself

To ward off brain drain, Google has developed an algorithm to determine which employees it most risks losing.

Swine Flu and the Economy

Feeling a little feverish? Throat a little scratchy? You may be relieved to know that the last time a great swine flu epidemic was predicted it didn’t materialize. In 1976, the U.S. government predicted that 1 million Americans would die from a swine flu epidemic — but only one did. Meanwhile, this post at Foreign […]

FREAK Shots: Is Google the Gift That Keeps Taking?

To get Google to open a major routing center in Lenoir, N.C., and bring with it 200 jobs and about $172 million in local investments, the state and local governments offered the company $200 million worth of incentives, reports The Lenoir News-Topic, including sales-tax-free electrical power and computer purchases. When the deal was signed in […]