The Economics of Spongeworthiness

A humorous paper by Avinash Dixit.

Reliably Predicting the Future

Economic prognostication.

Who's the Funniest Fed Governor?

The Fed releases its 2004 transcripts.

Have You Accidentally Sold Your Soul Lately?

An online retailer adds an interesting clause to its contracts.

None of the Recent Posts on This Blog Were April Fools' Jokes …

But this one is. At least I hope so. Otherwise I just lost myself a co-author. Excerpt: Continuing to make bold moves in the first 100 days of his administration, Obama will announce this week two blockbuster appointments to senior positions at the Department of Treasury. Sure to raise eyebrows will be the appointment of […]

With Recessions Like This, Who Needs a Recovery?

The January issue of Vogue, in its back-of-the-book Index section, lists 10 “inspired ideas” for the new year, “all in tune with environment- and recession-minded resolutions.” No. 9 on the list is a sewing kit. That seems pretty practical. “Missing button?” reads the text. “Torn pocket? Take matters into your own hands (and keep tailoring […]

Our Daily Bleg: Econ Jokes Needed

Photo from ch1mp. From a reader named Kyle comes the following bleg. (Send your own requests here.) Go ahead, help him out. One question: is Kyle cheating? I am a graduate student in a social justice and human rights program. I am extremely interested in the economics of education and am currently taking a graduate […]

Discovery: Fart Jokes Not Remotely New

According to this Reuters report, the oldest jokes in the world were all what you might call “dirty” jokes in one way or another — sexual, scatological, or otherwise dealing with some social taboo. To wit, the so-called world’s first joke, from the Sumerians in about 1900 B.C.: Something which has never occurred since time […]

There Is Hope For Economics: The AC/DC Paper Was a Joke

I am delighted to report that the economics paper on AC/DC I blogged about yesterday was meant as a joke. It takes a lot of work to run an experiment on real people, just for a gag paper. It turns out they meant to play the same AC/DC song in both treatments, but made a […]

The FREAKest Links: “CSI” Surveys and Octogenarian Punning Edition

Turns out the “CSI” effect on the criminal justice system may not be quite as severe as we thought. Michigan Circuit Judge and Eastern Michigan University criminology professor Donald E. Shelton has published a paper indicating that the TV show’s effects on jurors may be exaggerated. The data, consisting of a survey of 1,027 jurors […]