If You're Still Not Sick of Geoengineering: A Q&A With Jeff Goodell

A new book offers more insights into geoengineering.

Will the Icelandic Volcano Cool off the Planet?

Probably not - it's just not that big of an eruption.

More ClimateGate Complications

The ClimateGate plot thickens.

An Interview with Climategate's Phil Jones

Phil Jones, the scientist at the center of the Climategate scandal, answers questions from the BBC.

My Mom, the Psychic

When I tell people about my parents, they never believe me. But the truth is, my father really is the world's foremost medical expert on intestinal gas, and my mom really is a psychic.

Testing Geoengineering Before It's Needed

The SuperFreakonomics chapter on geoengineering solutions to global warming has generated plenty of heat, but scientific and political interest in the concept is on the rise.

With Geoengineering Outlawed, Will Only Outlaws Have Geoengineering?

So while environmentalists may find the very notion of geoengineering repugnant, the fact is that geoengineering is already with us, and will likely be put to use whether we like it or not.

Ken Caldeira's Carbon Solution

There's been a brouhaha over whether we "misrepresented" the research and views of the climate scientist Ken Caldeira, whom we write about in the global-warming chapter of SuperFreakonomics. We've been in constant touch with him over the past few weeks, since we wanted to amend future printings of our book if indeed there were misrepresentations. If you want to know the end of this story, just skip ahead to the bottom of this post. Otherwise, here's the background:

Geoengineering to Have Its Day in the Sun

Most readers of this blog are probably aware of the tit-for-tat between us and some critics of our global-warming chapter in SuperFreakonomics. In the larger scheme of things the dispute is practically meaningless, at best a very distant second to the actual climate issues on the table.

To that end, the best news I've heard recently is that Congress will next week hold its first-ever hearing on geoengineering solutions to global warming. I'm grateful to Ken Caldeira for alerting us to this hearing; he will be among the climate scientists to testify.

Steve Levitt on The Daily Show

He wondered if he was in for a Jim Cramer-type beatdown. But it turns out that Jon Stewart doesn't appreciate the global-warming fanatics either, and gave SuperFreakonomics a thumping endorsement.