We will happily sign any and all copies of "The Tipping Point" and "Blink"

Malcolm Gladwell sent me the following e-mail the other day:

thought you would enjoy this. a man in the security line at toronto airport today recognized me, pulled out a copy of freakonomics, and made me sign it. we are totally co-branded! cheers, m.

For what it is worth, neither Dubner or Levitt has ever been recognized by a stranger and been asked to sign Freakonomics. (or The Tipping Point or Blink, for that matter).

Malcolm has a typically outstanding piece in the most recent New Yorker on Steven Johnson’s new book.

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  1. hi from canada ostie de singe

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  2. 3612 says:

    Stephen Squared: to be spotted in a crowd do something distinctive with your hair, get way more of it or way less of it. This is also a good tactic to get traffic cops to pull you over so you can autograph their copies of your book.This works for Malcolm Gladwell. :)

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  3. porchwise says:

    When are you going to blog your appearance on O’Reily? I don’t get Fox so I missed it. Love to see a transcript if you have one.

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  4. From the pictures, Malcolm G looks kind of “freaky” while you guys don’t…. You guys are just freaky on the inside. :-)

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  5. R Funk says:

    Baby boomer’s never got to experience of having their life saving disappear in the collapse of the banking system during the depression. They will get to experience the loss of their pensions by bankruptcy courts. General Motors is the next likely candidate to use bankruptcy to steal wages previous earned for the benefit of the elite share holders. The Republicans have made it nearly impossible for the average American to file for bankruptcy to protect corporation but have made it easier for corporations to file. With the help of a Republican judge the average American’s tax dollars will be spent to cover the pension fund insurance cost plus they get the added benefit of losing a significant amount of their pension. Look carefully at the ownership of corporations in the U.S. and you’ll find that the benefit will go to a relatively small group of elite shareholders. Not unlike the Bush tax cut for the rich shifting the burden to average Americans while creating the largest deficit in U.S. history. This is interesting timing for those who voted on “value issues”. There is an old saying among thieves that the perfect crime is when the victim doesn’t recognize they are being robbed. Maybe there is a chance that the “value issues’ voters will recognize they have duped when they’re standing on the corner in a soup line.

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  6. RK says:

    Also, I did not see your appearance on O’Reily; hope to see something about it.

    You have got to see this post, also:


    Later, RK

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