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Where can I find a transcript of an episode?

Complete transcripts for every episode of every podcast are available here on our website. Choose the podcast from the dropdown menu at the top left of this page, click on the episode you’re looking for, and find the transcript below the audio player.

How do I listen to The Freakonomics Radio Network’s podcasts?

You can listen to Freakonomics Radio, No Stupid Questions, People I (Mostly) Admire, and Freakonomics, M.D., on our website by clicking on the links in this sentence — or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Where can I find a past episode of Freakonomics Radio?

You can listen to every single episode of Freakonomics Radio by choosing Freakonomics Radio from the list of Podcasts at the top left of this page, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can do the same with all of the other podcasts in the Freakonomics Radio Network.

Can I listen again to the broadcast I heard on my public radio station?

Yes! All of the Freakonomics Radio broadcasts are available on our On the Radio page, where you can re-listen whenever you’d like.

Where can I find a research paper or study that was mentioned in an episode? 

A complete reference list for the research you heard about in an episode is available in the resource box at the bottom of each episode page. You can find links to every Freakonomics Radio Network podcast among the list of Podcasts at the top left of this page . 

Not finding what you’re looking for in the resource box? Feel free to reach out to us and request a resource through our Contact page.

Who can I contact about advertising on your podcasts?

Fill out this form and a sales team member from our partner, SiriusXM, will reach out to you.

Is the Freakonomics Radio Network hiring?

You can find any open positions at the Freakonomics Radio Network on the career portal of our partner, SiriusXM, here.

Do you have live events?

In normal times, Freakonomics Radio Live! brings to the stage the same uncommon, inquisitive journalism that is a hallmark of our studio podcast — but in an unscripted and freewheeling format. We’re not yet sure whether or when we’ll take to the stage again, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Subscribe to our newsletter now to stay up to date! 

Wasn’t there a Freakonomics movie?

Yes! Freakonomics: The Movie came out in 2010. Watch the trailer here.

What is Freakonomics? A book? A podcast? A network?

All of the above! Here’s the story: It started with Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt’s best-selling book, Freakonomics … which inspired more books … which inspired a podcast called Freakonomics Radio … which inspired a spinoff show … and then another … and another … which culminated in the creation of a podcast network called The Freakonomics Radio Network! We have more podcasts in development. Subscribe to our newsletter now to stay up to date.

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You want to listen to Freakonomics Radio? That’s great! Most people use a podcast app on their smartphone. It’s free (with the purchase of a phone, of course). Looking for more guidance? We’ve got you covered.

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