Finally, Some Love From the Real Estate Industry

While it may be true that we have no fans at the National Association of Realtors, at least there is someone in the real estate industry — a commercial leaser in Memphis — that likes us. Enough, at least, to rip us off. I have to say, I really like the subtle shadowing they did on the book title; it’s a real improvement:


I would have named the fake book "LEASEONOMICS".

Incidentally, here's some nomenclature that's common in the commercial real estate field and drives me crazy:

Economics: the details of a particular transaction. (Lease rate, duration, required investment.)

Calculus: any kind of math. Sounds more important than "running the numbers".


Do you have copyright protection? This may be seen as a public endorsement of CBRE, as I see this as establishing credibility by association (which in this case was free of charge on the part of CBRE).

CBRE is affliated with Bill Wheaton, the famous real estate economist at MIT. It is interesting that they took the cover of your book and the Freakonomics logo to associate themselves with a book that has little to do with commercial real estate when the real expert they have on the subject of commercial real estate is not mentioned at all. Granted the books Bill Wheaton wrote were never on the New York Times Bestsellers list because they appeal to a vary narrow set of people, those interested in commercial real estate economics.

I wouldn't be upset except the fact that: 1. I work with a major competitor of CBRE and I am having a hard time competing with them as it is without the (unearned) Freakonomics endorsement 2: Let's give credit where credit is due; they have an economics expert on commercial real estate and they are using Freakonomics for marketing, not for substance (which cheapens the substance within the book)



no infringement- CBRE used a granny smith, while the original was a golden delicious


So what's your take on Freedomnomics? I know that the author has been discredited with many of his other publications and papers.


This is not a real book right? -- Just an ad, I think. And anyway, the NAR is one thing, but commercial real estate, I submit, is an entirely different beast. In this case, be honored with the light kudos. Knowing far too many commercial real estate brokers and developers, this looks like their speed of tongue-in-cheek humor, smacking, as it does, of frat-boy wink and chuckle stuff. In other words, harmless. Your treatise is the Liar's Poker of this decade, and it's likely every commercial broker in the country has read or owns it.


This must be a joke. I can't imagine the CBRE lawyers letting a book or advertisement go out like that.