Re: "How many people went out for Chinese on Christmas?" - I was a bit surprised they didn't look into the number of non-Christians in each city they reported on. It's a bit of a Jewish "urban legend" that everyone (who is Jewish) goes out for Chinese food (and the movies) on Christmas.

Mister Max

I tried to go out for lunch on Christmas Day. The only place I could find that was open was a Chinese restaurant. Oh, and also a (Indian-run) Dunkin Donuts. So after a 10-mile trip, I was 100% probable to eat Chinese.

What kind of blog is the one quoted, anyhow, that can't be called stupid for not looking beyond it's own correlations?


On the "Freakonomics" blog, I would expect a link to a study showing blacks getting inferior cancer treatment that controlled for variables such as socioeconomic status. However, this is not the case. All I found was an article suggesting racism, with absolutely no actual evidence to support it, if one already accepts that blacks regrettably tend to find themselves with worse socioeconomic status than whites in this country. Only at the very end of the article does it acknowledge that this is possibly the reason.